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Best Dribble Pull Up in NBA 2K23

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How to shoot fades and dribble pull ups in NBA 2K23

Video Transcript:
What is good everybody its spill here and welcome back to another nba2klab video, in this video I'm going to show you everything you need to be effective when shooting dribble pull ups. And since it is Swishmas, we have an early gift for you guys as I'm going to show you the premium stats for the drible pull up that I've been using. I'm going to give you guys some great information so be sure to drop a like, and subscribe if you haven't already and without further adieu, lets get right into it. First I'm going to show you guys the 4 badges I've been using which will provide the biggest consistent boost when shooting pull up 3s, you'll hear me calling these fades or dribble pull ups but they're both the same. Now the first and most obvious badge which would be agent 3 is the best badge when trying to create your own shot from deep. The silver level works really well, but the gold level is a lot more forgiving when slightly mistiming your shot so I definitely recommend the gold level if you can get it. Not only is this going to help your fades, but it works on stop and pop shots as well as shooting off of dribble moves like rhythm shooter of last year. The next badge that will help a ton when shooting fading 3s is blinders. When you're moving horizontally the defender is typically chasing you which will activate this badge more often than not. I've gotten plenty of shots that should've been contested but were considered "open" since I had gold blinders on. That alone is going to help increase your make % when shooting in tight windows and I also highly recommend it. If you can't get it on Gold I would recommend you at least try to get it on the bronze level if you want this type of shot in your arsenal. Next we have Green Machine, and as you build up your takeover, your 3pt rating goes up so these shots will naturally become easier to green. And with that you need to equip the green machine badge. These fades will start to feel very easy with an increased 3pt rating and on top of that, if you hit 2 in a row, your 3rd shot is going to feel like a layup. We recommend you get this badge as high as you can get it especailly if you're confident in your shot. Lastly, I was using volume shooter in these clips and if you're taking a good amount of shots this is going to give you a decent boost all around and is worth using when stacked on top of these other badges. So those are the badges I'm using and you're probably saying Spill give us the jumper already. Well its normal 2 and as I mentioned before it is swishmas so heres an exclusive look at the premium stats for the normal 2 dribble pull up. This is for players under 6'10 and since most of these clips are from my 6'9 I didn't have access to the shorter guard fades but even when I play on my 6'1 I still use Normal 2 just because I'm used to it. Now theres different types of dribble pull up animations in the normal 2 package and the 1st one we're going to look at is the main hand turbo fade. This means I'm fading toward my dominant hand and I'm holding turbo when I shoot. For me, I feel like this is the easiest fade to green and the stats back it up. It's the fastest dribble pull that we've tested at 631ms and it also has one of the highest middle make %s which means that if you time it correctly, its bound to go in especially with the right badges. The edge make % is fairly low but that applies to most dribble pull ups not just this one. It makes sense because you shouldn't be able to mistime these types of shots and have it still go in. The green window stands at 49ms which is just about average of all the shots we've tested but the main hand turbo fade can be very deadly with this normal 2 package and there's a subtle move that I like to do that can get me a wide open shot in the right scenario. I call these fake drive fades. Basically if you're on a fast break or have a lot of forward momentum to where it looks like you're about to rim run, I quickly tail off and shoot a main hand turbo fade from behind the arc. With the correct angle and momentum it can even pull you back to 3pt line making it nearly impossible for the the defender to recover. Its a great move to counter your opponent when they're expecting you to rim run and almost always results in a wide open shot. The next type of dribble pull up is the normal 2 off hand turbo fade. So we 1st talked about the main hand, so this is just moving toward your off hand and shooting a turbo fade. These are slower and harder to hit but its nice to have in your bag so the defense can't just play your main hand. As long as you're creating the necessary space, its still very much greenable and it has a middle make % of about 67%. While most of the stats are worse than a main hand turbo fade, the green window is considerably larger by 9ms making it a good shot if you learn the timing. Now as I mentioned before, we have tested 7 different dribble pull up packages and over 20 different types of shots with turbo/no turbo and main hand/off hand fades and we're still testing more as new packages are released. Not to mention we have over 50 different custom jumper bases tested so if you want access to all of these shots and their make %s and green windows we have a special offer for 24hours only for 30% your initial signup using code Swishmas30, which is 10% more than our usual 20% discount. So be sure to visit and check that out if you're interested. So those are the 2 most common types of fades you'll likely be shooting but there are some other animations in that package. One of these is the front fades which I dont shoot often where instead of moving horizontally you're moving vertically giving you an animation that looks like this. These can be useful especially on fast breaks, its not a bad shot by any means but it may require some practice to be consistent with it. You can also get awkward hanging animations like these which can be frustrating when you're expecting a regular off hand or main hand turbo fade. These seem to happen when you're not exactly moving horizontally or vertically but its more of an in between angle which happens to me a lot on the wing area. Lastly, this shot I like to call a reverse fade or a 180 fade where I'm running back to the 3pt line and start my moving shot before I even get to 3pt line, causing my player to do a 180 and shoot a dribble pull up. The defense almost never expects this and if you can get the timing down its almost always a wide open shot. I gathered both of these clips yesterday and shot 2/2 on them so while they arent the most practical, they can be extremely effective. So with all of that being said, theres a couple things to keep in mind when shooting fades. One of the biggest things is to try and be as close as possible to the 3pt line because the further you are the harder it becomes to hit even if you're just slightly behind. If you're feet are on or near the line the shot is MUCH easier to hit and you'll see a lot more success. We didn't cover non turbo fades in this video astheyre just not that effective with this package, still greenable, but as a taller player its generally better to shoot turbo fades, where as shorter players may want to shoot more non turbo fades. Now that is all we got for this video, and I hope it helped. I personally love shooting fades and I know some people despise them but they've definitely made it tougher than last year especially with the way shooting is. If this video did help you, dont forget to drop a like, its spill I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday and I'll catch you guys in the next one, later.