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Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and happy holidays to all of you also feel free to use code swish mess for 20 off on our premium jumper service on so in this video I'll be showing you guys multiple ways you can beat the CPU defense this is going to work in my career my team playing out whatever game will you choose but you're gonna get plenty of open dunks open freeze guaranteed so let's begin with a method where you can get it done pretty much every single time you want to bring your player to the wing and then you want to use an icon pick and roll to tell the center to come up to set you a screen you also want to make sure the screen is set towards the wing side or the sideline and you can tap L3 to change the screen type as necessary once the screen comes up give it to the screener and then just run right down to the middle and you can either tap X or a to receive the pass or double tap y or triangle to get a lot if the lob is there there's no passing Lane for a regular pass and the key tip of doing this the higher you are the better but you do want it to be on the wing and if the Center passes through the corner that's actually what you want now you can't control where keypad assistant too but as long as you cut down the middle you'll be fine and obviously if the lob is there use it because you're gonna get more batch points and here's a clip of it working upgrade in my career so this is a great way to get done I can pretty much get like 60 points straight thumbs doing this in the regular game and here's another method where you can get it open free every time to help you with shooting badges or just to get an open trick so you want to do icon pick and row again but this time you want to use the strong side corner player as the screener so in this case it was X and you want to make sure the screen is once again set to wash the wing or the sideline tap L3 to change the screen side if you need to and that's the screen arrives you want a whole turbo dribble towards the corner and then just shoot these turbo leaners and you're going to be wide open almost every single time so as long as you get the timing down you'll make that shot and never use a center screen for this so always make sure the corner player is a wing or guard or a forward but never the center and then just shoot the shot and the key is this is really good as you bring up the ball here I'm calling the power forward to do it but you can see it just moves very smoothly and always go before the screen is that don't wait for the screen go just before the screen is set that's the perfect timing and that's what's going to get you your locks because it froze off the hedge defense and you can actually combine both methods I've showed you here to a pretty good flow offense so here I'm trying to get the cut I didn't get it which is fine I call for it back and now I tell the corner player to come up then set the screen and now I get the free you can just keep rotating through this and then when you get the look you want execute and obviously another great way to get freeze is that make sure you have the LeBron size of package equipped and then you want to hold turbo and flick the right stick down make sure you're in the mid range when you do this so when you hop out with the LeBron size of Escape you end up being a three-point range and this separation is going to get you enough open space to make that free and that's going to be a really good shot every single time and another good method you can score other ISO is the Triple Threat spin so you can call a screen or you don't have to but in this case I'm going to show you both examples so here call the screen and make sure the screen is screened towards your non-pivot foot side so you can jab towards it click the right stick left hold turbo and then spin the right stick from left to right and you're gonna do this triple thread spin every single time but make sure you jab towards the screen not pivot foot spin out and then just go from there you'll probably seal off the defender and get a lot of good locks you can also do this at the iso same exact move up top right at the middle of the Court that's the best spot for it and you're gonna score a lot of isolations against the CPU defense especially with this Triple Fat move when you have a size advantage and whatnot and strength Advantage so let us know in the comment section how you'd like to beat CPU defense but some of these methods are definitely going to help you out to win more games or just simply grind up your badges when you're playing in my career and such alright so hopefully you'll use the code for the Swiss Miss for 20 off on our website and as always thanks for coming by and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon