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What is the boost from Hot Zones vs Cold Zones in NBA 2K23?

Video Transcript:
What is good everybody, its spill here and welcome back to another nba2klab video. If you couldn't tell by the title we'll be going over the boost you get from hot zones and also the make % decrease from cold zones. The boost from hot zones has fluctuated year to year and some years its great and other years, not so much. And since they took out the Hot Zone Hunter badge in 2k23 we thought it would be interesting see the stats on this, if you're new here drop sub and a like and lets get right into the video. Alright so first, if you want to check and see if you have hotzones you can go to the mycareer tab and go to stats and scroll to the roster and click your right stick on your player and then scroll to the hotzone tab. Another way to check is by going into your phone and finding your player through the squad up tab and select your player and view 2k card and scroll to the hotzones. These hotzones are accumulated over your past 25 games played and theyre determined by your pecentage in each zone and the rules are the same as last year in 22. For this test, we took 200 shots every 5 milliseconds throughout the green window in cold, neutral, and hot zones. Of course each line is represented by their respective color, hot is red, neutral is grey and cold is blue. Off rip you can see there isn't really much of a boost especially to well timed shots in the center, but as you go closer to the edge of the green windows you can see about a 5% boost when shooting in your hot zones. Looking at the cold zones though, they don't really seem to affect you much, as the make % is very close to the neutral zones throughout the entire window. We did a test on the no meter boost this year and it really wasn't anything special which is the complete opposite of last year, but with that and hot zones also not affecting much, its clear 2K definitely wanted to make shooting tougher this year and it seems to have added a skill gap. Now thats all we got for for this hot zone cold zone video, if you guys found it helpful be sure to drop a like and I'll catch you guys in the next one. Later.