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Which Hop Jumper should I use in NBA 2k23?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is samfa and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about batch stacking animations on NBA 2k23 so in our previous animation breakdown we showed you the Kevin Durant triple pull up and how strong it is in stacking badges when you shoot this one leg of fade and in today's video we're going to build on that Foundation by adding in hop jumpers so you can further stack more Badges and most importantly now you can go either way to trigger that one-legged fade and we're also going to show you which top jumpers in the game work best with this and also how these different hop jumpers actually comes with a counter you can use to further confuse the defense that they don't know which move you're about to do so if you enjoy this content and you will want to see more bash stacking animations from us just get this video to 1500 likes and we'll produce more of these for you guys so let's begin by looking at which half jumpers actually allow us to do all this and the two of them are Kevin Durant and Jason Tatum now in the following clip you can see that Durant and what we're doing here is a hop cancel into the Durant triple pull up and the Jason Tatum pop jumper allows you to do the same thing the key is if you're a right-handed shooter you want to drive right and do the Hop cancel to the right side and then bring the ball back out to the left and shoot the fade the turbo fade this will allow you to get a one-legged fade because of the durang triple pull-up so let's go into the hand cam so this is a right-handed shooter we're holding Turbo with attacking the right side keeping the ball to our right hand and then we're going to push the right stick diagonal down to trigger The Hop jumper we're going to immediately let go cancel it then push the left leg straight down hold turbo the whole time make sure the left stick is straight down while you shoot it that's going to get you the cancel into the one leg of fade and the angle is so wide is very difficult to defend Jason Tatum hop jumper Kevin Durant hop jumper can both do this the key is that left stick going straight down all right so in an online setting you can see this is the KD hop jump number with the Durant and combine together you can see the user is very struggling defending this because the Hop jumper has a chance of triggering space Creator which has a stunning effect and it also causes shooting percentages and if you don't get space created you're also still getting hyperdrive agent 3 and all that good stuff and the sequence you're seeing here that was actually the Tatum hop cancel but it works as it's good now in regards to the counter what you want to do is you want to drag to the opposite side this time so if your right handed Drive left and you want to hit the defender which possibly gets you a clam breaker animation so the moment you make any kind of contact with the defender immediately push the left stick diagonal down towards your ball head and then hold the shot button so this would be diagonal down left in this case because you're driving left here is the third round version and you can see it is pretty deadly as a counter so both of these hop jumpers are great for this and the higher level of your clan breaker and space Creator the better this is gonna go but make sure you hit that contact and then push the left diagonal down and then shoot it with the shot button and you can see in an online setting especially when you have show going the other way when you just make this contact and hop back like that because of the Tatum and the Durant jumper they just separate very quickly this is the Durant version but you can tell it just gives you a lot of space so hopefully this helped you out and you would like to see more of these badge stacking animation breakdowns just get this video to 1500 likes and we'll continue to build upon this catalog really of specific animations that help you stack multiple Badges and I feel that's a pretty big necessity this year because the badges really aren't as strong as previous two games but if you get the right animations and the right trigger and the right way to stack them they could be pretty effective as you've seen on how we kind of manipulated space Creator today to help us either create space to get to a Christian before or just simply use it to just take a jump shot so as always thanks for coming by make sure to come to nba2gate to see hundreds and thousands of more tests and we look forward to speak to you guys again very soon