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Handles for Days: Top Playmaking Badges

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam happy holidays to you and feel free to use code swish mess for 20 off on our premium jumper service on so in this video we'll be looking over the handles for days batch I will show you guys exactly what situation this badge activates and I'll break down at each batch level how much of a percentage increase you get in terms of how much more you can dribble so in regards to activation the badge will pop up on left stick only dribble so no turbo here you can see it did pop up it will also activate on Side sub spam so flicking your right stick left and right or diagonal up diagonal down without turbo back and forth would do it it also activates on Rice stick only dribbles so this was one right stick dribble the batch pop and I also go into a speed boost with it so that also caused an adrenaline bar now it also activates as you turbo around the up and down the corner going side to side as you can see here but most importantly it activates on size of Escape so any right stick flick while holding down turbo these are the most costly ones too it's going to cost you the most stamina so for the 10 us we had players at 99 stamina from no batch going all the way up to Hall of Fame now in regards to the no batch player it takes him 12 size up escapes with turbo until it's flu deputions as you can see here so this is a no batch now but if you get it all the way the heart of Fame it's gonna take you 20 dribble size up escape with turbo until depletion so specifically speaking at each batch level you can see they actually grow up at very consistent increments but the jump from none to bronze is solid but Hall of Fame is way higher than bronze so you can do way more dribble moves so going from like being able to do 12 or 13 all the way to 20 that's like eight extra turbo Escape dribble move and we're talking turbo Escape right so that's the most costly stamina dribble move and you can do this much more so this is actually very important this year because shooting right as you know the short timing changes depending on how much stamina you have so the more stamina you can conserve as you're dribbling it's gonna take you longer to get to the blink like at Hall of Fame it's going to take you 11 turbo size of escapes until you get to the blinking Point 20 until you run out but at bronze if you only have it on bronze it's only going to take you seven dribble moves and you're gonna start blinking and 14 moves till you run out so if you happen to dribble a lot and you can afford it hard of Fame is worth it because of the percentage buff but essentially getting it to gold is going to get you the most bang for your buck and bronze doesn't really give you too much of above all right so as always thanks for coming by make sure to check out the website for more information and tests and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon