Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K23 : Guard Up Badge Tutorial Video

Guard Up Badge in 2K23

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How good is Guard Up Badge in 2k23?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is sam van and welcome back to the 2k lab channel today we're going to talk about the guard up badge on nba 2k23 so in this video we'll be focusing on guard up badge activation we'll be showing you the incidents where it pops up and the condition it requires for that to happen and if you would like to see the specific numbers of how powerful got up is at each level just get this video to 5 000 likes and we'll make it a priority to crunch out those numbers for you guys so from what we have seen it looks like the garter badge will activate on any freeze mid face post hop and moving shots only if it's a yellow to red contest while the defender doesn't have a hand up so you see it pop up here this is a no hand up by the defender and you can see he's in the yellow contest range and as a result of those conditions being satisfied you can tell the guard up badge has pop now here's a side contest in the yellow range no hands up the shooter shoots a shot makes it and boom guard up and in this incident this was a red contest but no hands up and you can see activation has come on so yellow to recontest no hands up that's when it pops and now if the coverage is from open to wide open and there's no hands up you can tell it does not that's an open coverage here and this is a wide open one no activation so the conditions to trigger this badge is pretty limited i would say now even though it could help against neighborhood contestants in this situation you see here or even in the pick and roll versus a hedge defender who just runs by you guard up might be able to help like here you can see the defender is running by at the yellow contest range no hands up and got up does activate but overall it is hard to just see a situation where you can get this to pop majority of positions when you shoot now here defender running by open though not yellow no red so no activation here as you can see and if you like taking post hop shots like these where you kind of hop into another defender and this is like that yellow range but since that defender has no hands up guard up will activate here and that neighborhood contest which will hurt you last year will no longer hurt you this year with garda now spin shot here with a yellow contest no hands up same thing god pops also it pops in the mid range so here's a closed mid-range yellow contest no hands up good to go surprisingly though guard up does not pop up on post hope so this is a post-hoc yellow contest no hands up but as you can see when it goes in no guard up and another condition where there is none on layups same thing all right so hopefully you guys enjoyed this and if you really want to see the results and put us to the work on them right away just give this video to 5 000 likes as always thanks for coming by and we look forward to see you again very soon