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Which Shooting Badge Increases the Green Window?

Video Transcript:
what is good everyone it is Spill here back with another NBA 2K Lab video and in this one we'll be taking a deep dive into the green machine badge and how it works green machine was introduced back in 2k21 and the initial mechanics weren't great making it a fairly optional badge but with each new 2k release they seem to improve on how the badge activates and in 2k23 this badge makes for a great option for players with mid to high three-point rating we've got three different charts made up of 18 000 shots to show you exactly how Green Machine Works the badge description says that it gives an additional boost when consecutively achieving excellent releases on jump shots and you can see the attribute thresholds down below to test Green Machine we set up a script that took three consecutive shots from the top of the key completely uncontested with an 85 3-point rating the defensive player had a rubber band on to run Straight Out of Bounds which generated the turnovers we needed to give the ball back to the offensive player normally we would restart after every shot to avoid the player getting hot but that's obviously not possible for this green machine test now we ran this three shot script 200 times for every 10 milliseconds throughout the green window and here's a chart of the first shot of the sample at each timing you can see there's no noticeable difference between the Green Machine badge levels on this chart and this was expected as we know Green Machine doesn't work after just one shot however the chart for the second shot in the sequence begins to tell a different story the Boost here looks pretty good throughout the entire window but it's important to keep two things in mind with this chart first this is not all of the second shots this is the shooting percentage for the shots following a green on the first shot now just keep that in mind if the sequence went Miss and then green it's not covered in this chart the second thing you need to keep in mind when looking at this chart is that the shooter's three-point rating will have risen slightly as a result of making the first shot and getting hot and a small amount of that boost in this chart that we see can be attributed to that raise and attribute rating but you'll see in the next chart that this boost will be much more significant on the third shot now for this chart this also shows two important things as well again we need to keep in mind that we're now looking at a chart of green green and then the next sample so the number of shots in the sample has gone down as we threw out all the samples that didn't go through this exact sequence looking at the chart you can see a 15 Boost from no badge to gold and Hall of Fame but the Hall of Fame boost looks insane as it spans across more than just the center of the green window this chart shows us that if you green two shots in a row and you have gold or Hall of Fame Green Machine it becomes possible to Green 100 10 of your attempts if you have good timing now green machine is a tier 2 badge across all builds and we personally rank it in the a tier for pretty much everyone we recommend trying to Target at least the gold level and if you can afford Hall of Fame it definitely makes for a worthy investment for any shooting build now that is all we have for the green machine video if you found it helpful or just want to show some love go ahead hit that like button and if you made it this far in the video comment down below whether you guys want us to do volume shooter next or the video of the make percentage in green windows for every three-point attribute rating but everyone gets more comments we'll put out first thank you all for watching it's spill and I will catch you guys in the next one later