NBA 2K24 Best Jumpshot Release Guide: How to Shoot + Green M Video

Best Jumpshot Jerry West Comparison NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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NBA 2K24 Best Jumpshot Jerry West

Video Transcript:
Bad jump shot releases versus great premium releases now both shots here use the West base the one on the right has a premium release plan while the one on the left is using the default West release now in 2K 24 your jump shot release can actually decrease or increase your likelihood to Green so even by a simple eye test with the shot meter here you can see the West and West combo is not only dramatically slower it green window is also less effective as both shots kind of landed early in the green window here but the one on the right with the premium release is a green but West and West is not so let us take a deep dive to see the exact differences in milliseconds between these releases shot speed and their green window size also if you were like to see all the stats of every premium release we have please consider signing up on for our premium service where you will find full access to our release data plus jump shot based data and your support will enable us to keep the lap going so thank you for your consideration now in terms of the speed difference the pure green window with the premium release starts at 563 milliseconds while the West release starts at 64 34 but if you also compare the size of these P Green windows with the premium release you get one that is 15 milliseconds in size while with the nonpremium rest release you only get a pure green window that is 3 milliseconds in size so not only is the west bace or the premium release faster it also has a much higher likelihood for you to Green so when it comes to 2K 24 knowing your release data can definitely help you shoot better so please consider heading over to NBA2K to sign up and see all the jump shot release and base data we got so you can cook up the best release planand for your favorite jump shot base and if you like these type of premium release videos just add a like or leave a comment in the comment section and I'll look to probably produce these for you guys weekly as for what's coming up we got a plenty of badge tests and also buil videos we also have plenty of short form content on Tik Tok Instagram and Twitter or X under the NBA 2K lab Banner so make sure you check those out come by the website to try out our free toos and also see more bash test results as always I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon