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Giant Slayer Badge Test on 2k23

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Is Giant Slayer Good on 2k23?

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video and this one will be going over all the details of the Giant Slayer badge how and when it works and of course give you the Boost at each badge level in 2k23 layups have been feeling much better than in previous years making Giant Slayer a very interesting badge to equip so with that being said if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe for the best stats in the business and let's get right into it [Music] to start off the badge description says that it boosts the shot percentage for layup attempt when mismatched against a taller Defender and reduces the possibility of being blocked now it can only be equipped on players 7 foot or shorter but ideally this badge will work best for shorter guards around six five and under now that's not to say it won't work for taller players but just know that the Boost kicks in when the defender is four inches taller so since many players are making six eights and six nines being six five or six four or shorter will likely yield the best results when equipping this badge now it's a tier one badge across all Heights which makes it even better since it requires a fairly low investment even at the hall of fame level Mike Wang had tweeted that the tear dropper badge was supposed to be combined into Giant Slayer but when we tested it it didn't activate on wide open floaters like teardropper had done in the past so it's not going to help floaters unless they're contested which doesn't seem like a high percentage shot in the first place this badge is meant more for layups than anything now look going straight out of the fender that's taller than you and hoping the layup goes in because of this badge is not the way to go about it but you'll want to combine badges like slithery and fearless and acrobat to get the most out of it and those provide the best Synergy now to test this badge we had a Defender four inches taller than the offensive player stand in the paint with his hands up and then we took 200 contested layups with the badge on at each level the defender had an 85 interior defense and an 85 block and the offensive player had an 85 driving layup now the Boost is very similar to what it was last year but with layups being far more viable in 2k23 the Giant Slayer badge is definitely worth using from no badge to Hall of Fame you can see a 12 and a half percent increase on contested layups which is very significant and like I said before the Hall of Fame level is only going to cost you 4 badge points even at the Gold level you see a solid boost of about eight and a half percent and the gold level only requires 70 driving layups so that may also be something to consider when making a build or choosing your badge Loadout we also tested this against a Defender that's eight inches taller and the Boost was just slightly lower which obviously makes sense but it still works very well this is an eight-tier badge and we recommend using it on any shorter build that likes to finish at The Rim keep in mind though that build 6 8 and taller won't benefit as much because you'll need to be going against players that are at least seven foot one or taller in that case if you do do decide to equip it and may be more suited for the wreck than the park now that is all we got for the Giant star badge I hope this helped you guys and if it did be sure to leave a like on the video and if you want to support us further to help keep these tests going in the future we have a premium subscription at where you can find all the best jump shots and their stats including speeds and green Windows all for 7.99 a month and you can even get 20 off your initial sign up using Code YouTube thank you guys for watching it's spill and I'll catch you in the next video later