NBA 2K24 Best Finishing Badges : How to Green More Floaters Video

NBA 2K24 Float Game Badge

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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NBA 2K24 Float Game Badge

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to take a deep dive into the float game badge in 2K 24 so this was a two-part test for the first part we did it with layup timing on and we're going to measure it the pure green window by the millisecond per badge level based on this requirement from no badge all the way to Hall of Fame against open to Yellow contest now with the second setting we had layup timing off and in this instance we're going to measure it per batch level with it requirements again but we're going to do make percentage versus yellow test and if you Badge Requirements like to see more info on badge stats or requirements just come to go to our badges Tab and select batch requirements where you can see what it takes to get each badge per level for every single badge and if you want more badge stats you can go to our badges test and go to badge tests and see all the previous we have done from playmaking shooting defense and Badge Stats finishing so first things first let's look at the badge stats with layup timing on and as you can see from no badge you are looking at a pure green window size about 20 milliseconds versus open the yellow contest you go to bronze is going to be 25 and then you go to Silver it's going to be 30 but the jump between silver to gold is no longer 5 MCS like the previous ones it becomes a 10 millisecond jump from silver to gold and then gold to Hall of Fame is another 10 millisecond jump and you get the highest pure green window size at 50 milliseconds so that's a whole 30 milliseconds bigger than no batch so if we move the layup timing off obviously there's no longer a pure green window so we're going to focus on the make percentage versus no badge against yellow contest now bronze you can see a plus 2.5% jump at Silver you see a 4.5% jump and once again silver to gold another bigger jump instead of the usual two now is at 5% to 99.5% and then gold is also going to take another jump when it goes to Hall of Fame to 14% so when it comes to Flow game there is that big jump between silver and gold and the difference between hall of fame versus no badge is huge even if it's layup timing on all layup timing off so for more info and tips on 2K make sure to come to for more and as always I appreciate you guys for coming by in the comment section let us know what other badges you want to see or your own personal experience using Flo game as always thanks for coming and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon