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Fearless Finisher Badges Test NBA 2K24

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NBA 2K24 Fearless Finishes Badge

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video we're going to be taking a look at the Fearless finisher badge and of course go over the Boost at each badge level with layups being pretty powerful in 2K 24 this is definitely one of the badges you should Target if you want to finish through contact now if you're new to the channel don't forget to subscribe and let's get right into [Music] it the long definition of The Fearless finisher badge says that it's strengthens the player's ability to absorb contact and still finish also reduces the amount of energy lost from layups the short definition just says that it improves the ability to convert contact layups now while a contact layup isn't exactly the best shot in 2K 24 it also isn't the worst shot either and it can actually be quite viable in the right situations especially if you're good with your layup timing but 2K also added another wrinkle to this badge and it now requires strength to unlock certain badge levels with a Hall of Fame level requiring 67 strength just keep in mind that it might not be easy for a short guard to obtain Fearless finisher is an S tier badge across all build Heights and is also able to stack with a lot of other great finishing badges like scooper bulldozer and others which is another reason why contact layups aren't as bad as you might think but now let's get to what you came here for for this test we had an offensive player take 200 contested layups per badge level against a Defender playing hands up defense with bronze anchor just for reference the average contest was about 18% during these layup attempts we actually ran two tests but for this first one we tested each badge level at an 85 layup rating to show the true differences between each badge level looking at these results Fearless finisher shows a pretty solid boost and progression for each badge level with gold looking like The Sweet Spot in terms of value bronze will be nice to have and silver shows a slight boost but where you're going to notice the biggest difference is at the Gold level with nearly a 10% boost in make percentage when taking these types of shots Hall of Fame shows a great boost as well but it's very costly as you'll need a 96 layup on top of the 67 strength we then tested each badge level at their respective layup break points and saw similar results with the exception of the layup attribute carrying the make percentage Boost from bronze to Silver now overall we rank Fearless finisher in the a tier as it's a great badge to have in a game where layups have seen a noticeable buff compared to previous years bronze shouldn't cost much and should be worth considering if you're anywhere close but if you can get this badge to Gold you should see the biggest difference in your ability to convert contact layups Hall of Fame shows a great boost as well but it's a heavy investment it may not exactly be worth targeting over gold if you're trying to maximize the rest of your build now that is all we got for this video if you found it helpful be sure to leave a like it's been spill and I'll catch you guys in the next one later