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Best Finishing Badges in 2k23: Fast Twitch

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How to Make More Contact Layups in 2K: Fast Twitch

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam fam and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about finishing badges on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be taking a look at the fast twitch patch Now by definition it helps you speed up the ability to get standing layups or dumps before the defense has time to contest and in this video we're going to show you in detail exactly how much of a speed increase you get per batch level with standing layups and dots and in regards to how this batch trigger as you can see standing layouts right there will do the trick and so will standing dunk however if you do a pump fake or a post move into a standing layup or standing dunk it will also trigger afterwards now by the Numbers we're going to take a look at the frame speed increase Fastpitch gives you versus no batch per batch level and you can see it's actually pretty consistent it's going up about five percent each time and this is for standing layups and standing dunks so there isn't really a batch level where you're going to see a huge jump but the higher you go the higher it gets consistently so if you do end up finishing a lot of shots that require the fast twitch batch then you probably want to get this as high as possible but you kind of want the batch level to line up with your usage otherwise you might not get the most out of this badge if you put it really high and you do like two fast twitch layups or Downs a game and if we go by the eye test you'll be able to see exactly how much that percent increase actually gives you and even though it looks minuscule here between Hall of Fame and no batch a couple of frames here and there goes a long way from turning a rare contest to a yellow and a yellow to open when you're in the paint like that so if you made this one into the video please leave us a number between one to ten to give us your feedback on how you feel about the fast switch badge and if you happen to be a user that uses this batch a lot definitely leave your feedback and your experience with the badge so the rest of us can really benefit from someone who has a high usage rate or just have been using this batch time all year alright so as always thanks for coming by make sure to check out for thousands or more testers and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon