NBA 2K24 Finishing Badges: Fast Twitch Badge Test on 2K24 Video

2K24 Fast Twitch Badge Test

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NBA 2K24 Fast Twitch Finishing Badge

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we'll be focusing on the fast twitch badge and in previous year for this badge per badge level the speed increase percentage versus no badge is extremely obvious but very different in 2K 24 so let's take a look with no batch versus Hall of Fame this is a standing layup after a pump fake and you can see between the two there's no difference and if I slow them down in regular speed they're both actually exactly 19 frames and with the split screen you can tell from no bash to Hall of Fame there's barely any difference and for standing met Tong where fast f does pop off you can see here from left to right no bash all the way to Hall of Fame it's all exactly the same speed 19 frames again and even for these pump fak that go straight into a layup you can see no badge Hall of Fame they're both also 19 frames barely any difference and the standing dunk meter dunk I'm just letting you guys see in real speed here is the exact same animation and across no badge all the way to Hall of Fame everything is the same so this is actually quite surprising so let me know how you guys have been feeling with this this badge using it in the wreck or Park from the testings we weren't really able to find those animations that show a big difference even Hall of Fame to no badge has barely any if not any because majority of them ended up being 19 frames you saw the standing dunks the pump fake layups the standing pic layups uh live dribbles layups live dribble dunks it's all the same speed so hard to say what's really going on in or but if you do have situations where you have experienced yourself where you did notice a big difference per bash level let us know and I'll go ahead and test that but for now recommendation wise it seems like there's really no reason to go to that 92 standing dunk with fast twitch being kind of not very applicable in usual situations where we previously would see huge difference with fast twitch triggering but this year they're not so as always thank you for coming by make sure to check out for more information and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon