94 Dunk + 87 3 PT Guard Build in NBA 2K24 is the Best Dunk Meter All Around Build on 2K24 Video

2K24 Dunking Menace Build

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NBA 2K24 Dunking Menace Build

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and in this video we're going to be checking out my 66 3le threat build with 94 driving dunk so if you like to dunk the ball you're going to want to keep watching because this build is an absolute Menace the type of dunks I'm able to pull off with this build definitely leaves the defense frustrated and I've even had a few players quit on me because of some of the posters I've gotten now I use the meter about 99% of the time with this build which could be either a good thing or a bad thing but in my eyes the more rips I get with the dunk meter the better but with this build I'm able to put anybody on a poster and if you understand the angles and the timing of the dunk meter it can actually be incredibly powerful but just because this build can dunk very well and I mean very well doesn't mean that it's one dimensional this build can still shoot defend and playmake at a high level which makes it a great well-rounded scoring build on the wing so let's get right into it this build is going to be a shooting guard at 66 the weight 180 lb with a wingspan of 7 ft starting with the finishing we have that coveted 94 driving dunk now this 94 rating unlocks the first package from the elite contact dunks which is the perfect threshold because it also unlocks Hol Fame slithery this badge in particular is going to help a ton especially when slashing is your primary source of scoring now you also get all of the other B and C tier finishing badges on Hall of Fame such as two-step Bunny and spin cycle which is actually one of my favorites as you saw in some of these clips but then we have a 45 standing dunk for the under basket regular packages which can be extremely useful now we didn't really touch anything else in finishing because driving dunk is a hefty investment this year so we needed to save the attributes for the rest of the build moving on to shooting since we're a three-level threat we went with an 84 midi for that gold mid-range magician which is going to give you a nice scoring option when the pain is packed and the perimeter is tight now another great thing with this build is that we have an 87 3point rating which is going to unlock the Tracy McGrady base which is one of the best bases in the game when it comes to contested shots not to mention we also get silver agent 3 in bronze Limitless range and then lastly we have a 93 free throw because we don't want to miss any of our freebies for our playmaking I believe this threshold of 77 pass act 86 ball handle and 75 speed with ball is such a great value as I unlock key badges like bronze needle threader and silver over Speed Booster and even key animations like the Kema Walker Escape moves and Jamal Murray behind the back now we get all of this without spending too much which as we move onto our defense allows me to afford one of the best defensive badges in the game in Gold Glove not to mention this build gets a 7t wingspan so that gold Interceptor has been coming in handy for me in those passing Lanes I still get bronze clamps which is a nice little added bonus and when it comes to defense it's really not much of a problem on this build for the physicals I gave this build an 84 speed a 73 acceleration the 49 strength was default with 94 driving dunk an 82 vertical for the contact dunks and then a 99 stamina now I'm not going to lie this build has kept me invested in season 4 because I personally like to dunk the ball but I also like to do a little bit of everything else as well and I can do all of that without being a liability on the defensive end now that is all we got for this build if you enjoyed the video be sure to drop a like and if you want more builds like this you can always go to nba2k.com and check out our recommended builds and build content tabs in the sidebar thank you all for watching it's spill and I'm out later