NBA 2K23 How to Dunk with NEW Dunk Meter & Right Stick : Mor Video

2K23 Advanced Dunking Tutorial

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2K23 Advanced Dunk Controls

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is samfa and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about dunking on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be talking about right stick finishes and the control details that's involved to trigger different kind of dunks and why it is important to develop the skill because the dunk meter is just so powerful to force dunks in traffic as you can see from here but what you might not know is that the Rice Lake also allows you to do nine different kind of dunks in total so allow me to break down each of them to you right now so let's start with the right stick using it to trigger standing dunks and this is actually kind of unique so what you want to do is you want to actually push the left stick and rice deck straight up while also holding down left trigger and right trigger so essentially all four buttons and this is a very consistent and reliable way to trigger standing down somebody inside and the next one you can do is the Euro dug so you want to kind of trigger this right after you cross the free-fold line what you want to do is you want to hold turbo and flick the right stick towards your ball hand which is the left in this case and then push it to the right to the opposite hand and this will allow you to do do a Euro dunk and you can actually flick the right stick to the ball hand or opposite to the ball hand if you want so either way is fine I just prefer the flicker to the forehand and then push and hold to the opposite hand while holding turbo now in regards to the normal meter down this one is simple you just want to flick up hold down while holding turbo and that's going to do the trick let go of the middle of the green window now you can also do a rim hand meter dunk and to trigger this one all you're going to do is hold turbo flick the right stick down and then hold it down Green window again if you can and that's going to allow you to remember once you're hanging on it you can move the right stick around to trigger different animations but this is more of a Showboat kind of approach now if you want two hands of safety hold turbo and just push the right stick straight up and hold it there and that's going to get you your two hand dunks and these are just it's safe and it's quick for right hand dunks make sure you're holding turbo and push the right stick to the right and hold it and that's going to get your right hand left hand down same thing hold turbo and push the right thing to the left so these are both very good now flashy one hand you want to flick it down and then push it up while holding turbo that's going to get you these flashy one-handed downs and for flashy two hand down so you want to flick it up push it up also while holding turbo and that's gonna get you the two Hand flashes and these could be reliable depending on the situation overall though right stick finishes are very reliable and kind of op so make sure you develop them and obviously in traffic there's nothing that's going to be better than the dunk meter but as you also know and learn the other dunks you will run into those situations where those dunks are gonna work better for you especially the two Hand left hand right hand or even the standing thumbs alright so hopefully this helped you out as always thanks for coming by and make sure to go to for hundreds and thousands more tests and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon