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Best Post Scoring Badges in 2k23: Drop Stepper

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video and this one we're going to be taking a look at the drop stepper badge and more specifically we'll be seeing just how effective this badge is against players with different strengths this was another manual test where we took 3 000 total attempts to get our results so smashing the like button would be greatly appreciated don't forget to subscribe if you're new without further Ado let's get right into it [Music] the long definition of this badge says that it allows for more success when attempting post-drop steps and hop steps in addition to protecting the ball better while performing these moves in the post now this is obviously a popular move for Biggs and I'm sure you guys want to see the results from the test so let's get right into it for the first test both the offensive and defensive player had the same strength but the offensive player had 87 post control which is the threshold for Hall of Fame drop stepper the defensive player also had 80 interior and 93 block and then we tested each badge level and without the badge and then recorded how often we got a favorable drop step animation that led to an open shot now as you can see when both players had the same strength the badge gives a great boost by increasing the chance of a favorable animation by almost 25 percent when comparing Hall of Fame to no badge silver sees a slight bump from bronze but the golden Hall of Fame levels were very effective in our testing so if you like to drop step and want to be effective with that particular move we recommend equipping gold at the minimum now as I said in the beginning we tested different strengths so we ran the same exact test but we gave a 40 strength and Advantage for the offensive player looking at these results they look pretty much as you would expect drop stepping obviously becomes much more effective when you have more strength in your matchup and the numbers prove this energy between the two now since we gave the offensive player an extra 40 strength let's take a look at our last test where we gave the defender an extra 40 strength you can see the chance of a successful drop step sees a significant decrease against the defender with much more strength in the same way that strength can improve the effectiveness on the offensive end strength can also improve your defense against these moves especially coupled with post lockdown or the anchor badge if you do invest in strength though as a taller player strengthways heavily on your overall so if you invest in this attribute it's likely you'll be sacrificing somewhere else but depending on how you like to play it can definitely be a worthy investment on both the offensive and defensive end all in all if you plan on trying to be effective with the drop stepper badge make sure you have it on gold or higher and also a pair with some strength and a solid close shot or standing dunk rating to see the best results now that is all we got for this video If you guys found it helpful be sure to leave a like I'll catch you guys in the next one later