Best Build Dribble Moves / SIGS for 6'10 Builds in NBA 2K24 Video

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NBA 2K24 Best 6'10 Dribble Moves

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is Koza and welcome back to another 2K Lab video and in today's video we're going to be giving you guys a recommended dribbling animations for those builds that are 610 and up you guys can add a few of these moves to your offensive bag to just expand your game just that much more go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this let's go ahead and get straight into [Music] it Dribble Style now starting off with the dribble style we're going to recommend the pro dribble style but if you guys don't quite meet that 70 spel ball requirement do not worry normal is still a very good dribble style here is the pro dribble style cross launch animation that you'll get into the layup and here is the normal cross launch animation with the normal dribble style we recommend you try both of them out and see which one you like better onto the signature size up animation we've been using Giannis onto TMO he has some really nice and simple in between the leg combo animations to get you open for a bucket Breakdown Combos now this is personally one of my favorite moves to use on these taller builds the Victor wiama regular breakdown combo this here is the entire animation played out he takes a few steps back and then a few steps forward as we snatch back and open up a three-point shot opportunity but often times you can catch your Defender off guard by just doing the start of the regular breakdown combo with a couple steps back creating another shot now for the aggressive break break down combo we're rocking with normal he moves forward sizing up pretty slowly it's a nice change in Pace and you can actually pair it up with the Victor Wim Bama regular breakdown combo onto the Escape Escape Moves moves the Kevin Durant Escape moves package offers a lot he has a really good turbo crossover a really good turbo in between the legs and even a really nice misdirection behind the back using his Escape moves specifically here we do a turbo cross into a misdirection behind the back into another turbo cross leading to an open shot again slowing it down here so you can really see how these moves flow together now getting into the combo moves I am using Pro now this has a really nice twom move standing combo move I performed the move twice in this clip here I'm slowing it down each time I do it but you can see how the cross in between the legs is really nice for sizing up the defender and then bursting out to create a shot Crossover Moves for the crossover we are using the Kevin Durant crossover this is really nice in transition and for the behind the back we are using Jason Tatum he has a really really nice moving behind the back here as you can see in this clip here we're going to fake going to the right and we hit him with the moving behind the back using the Jason Tatum behind the back this is a very good move to add to your Penny Hardway Spin guys' game another moving move that I really like to use is that Penny Hardway spin move in our last clip we faked going right and then did a behind the back to the left now this time we're going to fake going left and then do a spin back to the right catching our Defender completely off guard for the hesitation we are using Pro this offers a nice gallop and a nice change of pace so you guys can get an easy bucket at The Rim then on to the step back we we Step Back are using the Vince Carter step back he has a really nice moving step back but he also gets a snatchback animation within this package as you can see here we're doing our thing we then run to the right doing a moving step back and then we actually add in a standing snatchback animation and both of these animations come within the Vince Carter stepback package you can see both of those moves led to a three-point shot opportunity now these are our recommended dribbling animations definitely try these out adding just a few of these animations or moves shown in today's video can take your game to that next level if yall enjoyed today's video or this video helped you guys out at all make sure y'all don't leave without leaving a like subscribing to the channel if you guys want more content like this I'll catch youall in the next one