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Best Moving Shot in 2K23

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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What is the best moving shot in NBA2K23?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam fam and welcome back to the channel today we're going to break down moving jumpers with Advanced ass handcam controls and jumper cues so the pull-up jumper we'll be looking in today is the normal 2 which so far has been the community's favorite but in this video we'll actually give you guys the premium stats in relates to this jumper as a thank you for you guys ongoing YouTube support and those events that's actually going to help you understand and also prove to come with you right or maybe even wrong in certain aspects about the jumper on just why this works so well we'll also give you guys the combo triggers you need via handcamp to get the most out of this jumper with your off hand and Main hand and most importantly we'll also even show you the jumper cue and to our premium users you will actually start seeing content like this in the premium section on the site not just removing jumpers but for even regular jumpers so keep an eye of what our content starting on Monday and if you would like to see more of these regular moving jumpers breakdown on YouTube just get this video to 2000 likes and will continue to produce this content for you guys so let's begin by looking at the normal 2 turbo fade at a basic level on why the community loves it and as you can see going main hand or offhand the Fate is very effective at increasing can test even if the defender is within your vicinity the animation has this wide drift to it going either way offhand or main hand but to truly optimize this jumper you're gonna need to learn some hand cam combo so let's begin by what I call the angle turbo fate go into the main head so hold turbo and push the left stick diagonal upright towards your main hand and then once you do that you want to angle it back out to go completely sideways and then hold that hold turbo and then co-square to shoot and that's going to get you a angle turbo fade towards your main hand in this case because it's a right-handed shooter and you can also do a hop cancel turbo fader watching offhand what you want to do is do any move to create separation hold turbo drive towards your main hand and then hold your right stick diagonal down right from Split Second let go cancel it push the left stick straight down hold turbo hold square and that's going to be a hop cancel turbo fade for your off now let's also add in the premium stats of this number three jumper to further your understanding of which side is stronger as you can see the offhand version on the left has a green window size of 49 milliseconds and the main hand version on the right has a bigger green window at 58 milliseconds And in regards to shot speed and make percentages you can see on the chart here we have the main hand turbo fade for normal 2 as the blue line and the offhand purple favorite version as the green light and the main hand version is much faster plus it has a much bigger green window and overall much more steady make percentages across the board now if you look at the other end of the chart you will actually see two more jumpers those are both normal twos but those are actually the non-turbo Fades and they're way slower by far and which is why we recommend you to only take turbo Fades with the normal 2 pull-up jumper so with the advanced stats out of the way let's talk jumper cue so for this one the no meter very early the jumper cue is right here so before the both toes lift up you want to keep an eye out when the ball reaches the top of the head just like that that's when you want to shoot it so you can see me here time and time again using very early before the toes get off the ground and the ball is right above the forehead just like that above eye level that's the key to let go of the shot button same thing so you have to prepare yourself to shoot it as it goes up because this is a very early jumper cue but it is excellent and is incredibly consistent so make sure you follow through with this and just keep an eye out when the ball gets to the top and before the toe slips off so you can see me here doing the angle fade in an online setting with a very early no meter jumper cue and it's extremely effective it's easy to time and it's comfortable and the fact that it is very early you can just give it a shot quick and notice that I'm driving main hand every single time to do the angle phase so that's also the optimal version of the normal 2 jumper as you can see from the advanced stats now granted you can still do this with a shot meter and if you really want to you can also drive towards the off hand so in this case to the left because it's a right-handed shooter it's slightly slower with a smaller green window but it still works but main hand is the move for the normal two alright so if you guys enjoy this content and you would like to see more just get this video to 2000 likes and we'll produce more of this type of content from moving jumpers for you and once again for the premium members make sure you keep an eye out on the premium section on the site on Monday as we'll start producing this type of content for regular jumpers that you see on the side alright so as always thanks for coming by really appreciate you guys support and make sure to check out the website for more detailed tests and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon