NBA 2K24 Best Build Badges: How to Green More Jumpshots with Video

Dimer Badge Test in 2k24

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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Should I use Dimer in 2k24?

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and in this quick video we'll be looking at the dimer badge in NBA 2k 24 and talk about the effectiveness of each badge level and which level you should Target in short the dier badge is simple it increases a player shot percentage for jump shots after receiving a pass this is a staple badge in NBA 2k and it has typically offered a decent boost for the shooter in past 2ks this is an a tier badge across all build Heights so 2K seems to Value this particular badge if you wanted to view this chart for yourself you can check out the badge tiers by height under the badges tab at NBA 2K now to test di we took 100 Corner shots off the pass for every 5 milliseconds tested at each badge level so that's 1,400 shots per badge level which means this test in total was 7,000 shots so if you could drop a like on the video for the amount of effort that we put into these tests it would be greatly appreciated but now let's take a look at these results the shooter in this test had an 85 3point rating and starting off we're going to take a look at the results from no dier versus bronze now we can see a decent boost at the bronze level which offers great value by only needing a 56 pass accuracy the chart may not look like much but that's a shot boost of 4% on this early Edge and even a 3% boost on the later edge of the green window not for basically no investment at all so bronze looks to be a great value spot but I think silver is what most people will actually have equipped because that mid-70s pass accuracy rating has been very popular among the community now looking at the silver level it's not providing much of a boost over bronze although it is still a slight boost at just 1 to 2% but where you'll see the most significant Boost from the dier badge will be at the Gold level looking at the early edge of the green window this badge saw an insane 14% shot boost when compared to no badge and it's even 8% better than the silver level at that same timing at the later Edge it still shows a pretty large boost and this gold level looks to be the sweet spot for all Playmakers not to mention it also unlocks with an 89 pass accuracy which is the same threshold required for the best pass style in the game Tyrese Halburn and then lastly we have the Hall of Fame level of dmer which shows a somewhat decent boost over the gold level but since you need a 96 pass accuracy to unlock it it's tough to justify because the investment is just too heavy now that is all we have for the dier badge guys if you found this video helpful be sure to drop a like it's been spill and I'm out later