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Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and happy holidays to you and feel free to use code switchlist for 20 off on our premium jumper service on so in this video we're going to be helping you guys with your on-ball defense and specifically we're going to teach you how you can use it to create as many steel opportunities as possible and we're going to show you how to create the correct steel opportunities because as you'll see later in this video not every opportunity is rated the Same by 2K so the defender here playing on ball defense has 99 steel and the ball is highly exposed however 2K don't rate every chance to steal the same way so if you want to be good at playing cardboard defense and stealing the ball you need to know where's the best chance to do it and in the game of 2K it is the best to steal it when the ball handler just switch ball hands so you can see here we're behind the play but the offensive player just switched it so this is the best time to steal it and it is especially effective from beehive so these kind of chances are mostly going to show up up the court and after an offensive player adjustable so same instance here they just switch hands first dribble go for the reach every time ball hand just which hands do it and obviously anticipation for this is key but it's easy to do because as you can see here on the left side the offensive player is being pressed by a teammate and then he's about to switch hands because we know he's gonna exit back to the middle and you just want to kind of sit there get ready he just switch hands and he hasn't even done the first battle so this is the perfect time to reach and your chances of knocking it is high and make sure you're being patient as you play on ball defense and if you feel like a steel opportunity is there don't rush it yet make sure you force them to switch hand first and then before they get the first bounce in after they switch hands go for it right here and it's going to be a steal a lot of the time so the same Concepts also apply in half court if you're playing off ball and you see a offensive player just caught it and he's driving use that momentum against him and then attack the ball hand side and then go for that steal especially right after they catch and go so if they catch it and they're going attack the ball hand you can either get a steal or anticipate and force a bad pass and then you can get a steal that way too so to increase all of these opportunities as much as possible you really want to learn how to press effectively because if you know how to press you'll force a lot of these chances to happen so one of the best habits you can have when it comes to the Press is to force the Handler up the court sideline sometimes if you bump them aggressively enough on that they would just turn it over but it's not going to happen all the time so the goal is to force them sideline but at the same time you want to Blitz the ball hand while you're pressing so if they're up the side I don't really show yourself on the forehead side show that you're going to attack the ball this is either going to make them switch hands which is great or they're just gonna throw up a very bad pass like that both things are great for you but make sure you stick with those rules so attack ball hand and force sideline the sideline obviously acts as an extra Defender for you but if you force ball head it's either a switch or it's going to be a bad passing decision which allows for another properly catch and go switch as well you can go for another steel here that's a terrible pass our teammate there just didn't steal it but that's a good sequence so you want to attack and shade the ball while the offensive player is going up the court to increase steel opportunities for yourself while you're defending on ball now if you fall behind the play it's gonna happen sometimes because you're being aggressive it's okay chase them back down from behind and chase after the ball but you see here because we did all that we got to the situation exactly what we wanted the offensive player caught the ball they exposed it while they're driving I'm gonna attack that ball hand side just right after they do a catch and go so make sure you keep these habits when you're playing on ball defense in the press and Trust in the switch hands deals the more better you play on the press or the more discipline you are on the ball you're going to get these opportunities Force these to happen and when you see it do not wait just attack it that guy just switch hands he's dribbling up just attacking another boss like go for that steel even if you you don't get it you're gonna pressure and make them make bad decisions unlock the ball loose same thing here again the press and defense allow us to force the situation to happen where our teammate is forcing him to switch hands we're going to be patient with it and right when we see him switch go for it you see that's gonna force them into just all of these bad stuff and most likely if they swing passes like that it's gonna allow for more steel opportunities so in this sequence you can see everything together we're pressing we're forcing sideline we're shading the ball aggressively and we're gonna attack it if it's exposed but we're always on that ball hand side we get unlucky there we didn't get it if we're behind the place same thing we're gonna chase them down but we're gonna anticipate attack the ball from behind make them make a bad call you can be a little bit aggressive and eventually this is gonna add up if you keep the same mindset and tag that ball side go for the steal that's how you do it all right so if you enjoyed this video please add us a like and if you want to see a off ball steals kind of tip video where we only focus on you know playing The Sweet Spot and how you can do that get this video to 1000 likes and I'll get to producing that for you guys and feel free in the comment section to let us know how you like to approach when it comes to on Boss deals and what you find most successful for your gameplay style so as always thanks for coming by make sure to check out the website and use our code switchmas for this discount and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon