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Deadeye Badge Test in 2K23

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What activates Deadeye in 2k23?

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video you know you guys and just about every single one of our comments have been asking for this video so here it is we finally have it the numbers on the Deadeye badge this badge wasn't easy to test and we had to take our time to produce the best and most reliable results and for this test alone we took 13 000 shots so leave a like for the effort and if you guys want to see a blinders version for this test let's see if we can get it to 3 000 likes and for anyone who wants to support us further you can become a premium member at where you have access to all the jump shots we've tested you can even get 20 off by using Code YouTube now if you're new to the channel man be sure to subscribe and let's get right into it [Music] the Dead Eye badge says that jump shots taken with a Defender closing out receive less of a penalty from shotgun tests now the first thing we need to talk about with Deadeye is how to activate the badge and when a shot goes up for Deadeye to activate there obviously needs to be a defender in contest range and this contest needs to come from in front of you and not from the side obviously blinders is more suited for the side contest but right now you can see some clips of the range where the contest will still activate the Deadeye badge and in these highly controlled Clips both Deadeye and blinders is equipped and as you can see it's possible to activate both at the same time now deadeye's cone for Activation is much wider than it was last year and there is some room for these badges to stack and overlap when looking at certain contest angles for Deadeye to activate though the defender needs to be moving towards the shooter in some way and that can be as simple as hands up defense closing space without even moving your feet but it's also possible to be so close to the shooter that Deadeye will no longer activate because you had no forward movement to contest the attempt now this badge also works the same against taller and shorter Defenders now while it's possible for both of these badges to activate in a very controlled environment it's much more difficult to get them to activate at the same time during the flow of an actual game these clips are all against a Hall of Fame AI with the sliders adjusted so that every shot goes in we're just obviously doing this for Activation and blinders and Deadeye are both equipped in all of these clips but are both rarely activating now let's talk numbers and to test this badge we took 100 shots every five milliseconds for a 65 millisecond window giving us a 13 000 shot test with results that came out looking like this this graph shows us around a 50 make rate on perfectly timed shots with Hall of Fame Deadeye and 50 make rates and lower are really not good looks in 2K and should probably be avoided however for the com players going against the best defenders out there there's usually no way around taking some contested shots every once in a while so this badge can definitely help in that setting now based on these results we suggest taking Deadeye on bronze or gold the boost for bronze is pretty solid if you can afford it but being a tier 3 badge for every build height it's pretty expensive and it may be wise to wait on Deadeye until after you've scored a different tier 3 badge before equipping it when it comes to Hall of Fame Deadeye though we generally don't recommend players Target the 99 three point rating for Hall of Fame Deadeye because even though the Boost looks pretty good the cost is just too much if you're already on a build with 99.3 ball then you're probably in a position to take either Deadeye or blinders of course after taking a badge like agent 3 in Limitless range but if you're choosing between blanders and Deadeye right now we recommend taking blinders just due to the fact that it's a bit easier to activate now that is all we have for the Deadeye video If it helped you or you learned anything from it be sure to leave a like don't forget if we get it to 3 000 likes we'll drop the blinders video thank you guys for watching it is Spill and I will catch you in the next one