How to Shoot in NBA 2K24 : Deadeye Shooting Badge VS Contest Video

Deadeye Shooting Badge

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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2K24 Deadeye Shooting Badge Test

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and in this quick video we're going to take a look at the Dead Eye badge and dive into our 1,000 shot sample test to see exactly how effective each badge level is we do large sample tests like these all the time and you can find the rest of the badges we've tested in the sidebar at under badge test but if you're looking for the best jump shot data on NBA 2K 24 our premium members have complete access to a growing list of jump shot bases and releases for all builds with data on green window sizes jump shot speeds and even early average and late make percentages we also have base and release ratings voted on by our community to let you know which ones people are liking the most there's even more to NBA 2K lab premium and it's typically $7.99 a month and for a limited time up until December 31st we're offering 50% off our premium membership by using Code spill at checkout it's basically the price of a coffee so if you wanted to check it out there's no better time but now let's get back to the video the Dead Eye badge is the only shooting badge that's tier three among all build Heights meaning this badge is supposed to be highly effective the definition of this badge says that it reduces the impact of a Defender who is closing out and it seems to act activate quite a bit this year especially for aggressive Shooters it can activate on open shots as well but for this particular test we took 200 shots for each badge level and without the badge against the defender closing out the same exact way for a total sample of 1,000 shots now here's the results and the first thing we can notice is that the average contest drop significantly once we got to the gold level which subsequently raises the make percentage drastically so we can confirm that each level of the badge can reduce the actual contest percentage another interesting thing to note is that the jump from gold dead eyee to Hall of Fame didn't show a noticeable increase in this scenario but as we look at the lower levels bronze can raise make percentage by roughly 11% when compared to no badge and silver looks solid as well with a good make percentage jump over the bronze level but when it comes to The Sweet Spot I'd say gold is great for Effectiveness and value for Sharpshooters especially the badge level you choose ultimately depends on your play style but I hope this video helped you guys out that's all we have for this Dead Eye badge test be sure to check out our other badge test and if you're considering NBA 2K lab premium don't forget to use code spill at checkout for 50% off thank you all for watching it's been spill and I'm out later