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What Release Timing should I use in NBA 2K23?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is samfam welcome back to the 2k lab channel and in this video we're going to help you green more shots quickly or slowly if that's what you choose so in this newest game there's a brand new shooting setting in your controller settings via your options in the menu and this course shot timing release time and you can set this to very late late early or very early and what this does is it allows you to set your preferred time to release the button during the shot to green it so here you can see two clips this is very early and the next one is very late and the key takeaway here is that the shot animation is the same but what's different is if you look at the very early shot focus on the shot meter and the starting amount it's actually way more when you compare it to a very late shot meter starting amount which means the very early shot is going to get to the green window faster while the very late is going to get to the green window a little bit slower so the shot animation stays the same across the preferred timings but the very early one is going to give you the earliest green window while the very late the latest here you can see all four speeds going from left to right very early early late and very late the meter feels at different times but the shot is released at the same time and don't worry this is 2k laps after also we'll give you the numbers so you can see up top that is your shot timing release and then we also line it up the release timing to the left so we can just focus on normal release timing compared to the different shot timing release so the final decision really is up to you because you will know the best where you like your green windows to be but now you have the ability to move it around and now you can also understand just what each increment is like and how much of it is being moved but this is a big deal because now a user who previously didn't really like the quaker you know shot speed shots because they have to find the green window so early cannot select that shot but then set the shot timing release to very late so that they can still use the base but then they can change the timing up a little bit to suit their own needs so that kind of customization is very good and this is a huge addition and it will definitely help you agree more shots as quickly as you want or slowly as you want but it will give you an extra element of control so as always thanks for coming by hope this helped you out and we look forward to speak to you guys again very soon