NBA 2K24 Best Build Attributes : Close Shot 25 to 95 Ratings Video

NBA 2K24 What does Close Shot do?

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NBA 2K24 Close Shot Test

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video we're going to take a look at the close shot attribute and go over the make percentage at different ratings before we get into this video I just want to say that the close shot attribute can be used in a variety of ways with step throughs up and unders and hook shots and all these can work really well with timing on and practice but this video is to show the make percentage under the rim with a defender in the way with layup timing off now in this situation it can feel very inconsistent at times with small guards Walling up to get the occasional stop we're now into season 3 of NBA 2K 24 and while shooting has been continuously buffed some people may not have noticed that right before the season 2 update patch close shots also got a slight buff as we can see here from the official 2K account on October 10th so we decided to test five different close shot ratings and put each rating through the same exact test and see the results as I mentioned before this test was done with no timing and we only recorded the results of yellow contest as you can see here under these parameters a 95 close shot rating provides little to no boost when it comes to trying to score in this situation as we can see a total make percentage of 31% that's only 3% better than having absolutely no close shot on your build now turning on layup timing will give you a better chance to finish these types of layups but it's still probably not that great when trying to mash with close shot we did this test before the October 10th patch and it only showed a 1% increase among all ratings after the Patch so they did indeed buff close shot slightly now that is all we got for this video if you found it helpful or informative be sure to leave a like it's been spill I'm out later