Best Chet Holmgren Center Build on NBA 2K24 : Catch + Shoot Anchor ! Video

Chet Holmgren Build NBA 2K24

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NBA 2K24 Best Chet Holmgren Build

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Joey and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab Channel today we are going to take a look at this 7 fo1 chat H Grim build that has gold anchor which makes it an insane rim protector on this game not only that but on the offensive end you can space the floor and knock down catch and shoot shots consistently and you could also score with the ball in your hands off of the dribble or out of the post but with all of that being said let me show you guys how to make this build starting things off in the body settings we are making this build 7t 1 the weight is going to be 220 lb and the wingspan is going to be 76 which is going to allow us to have really good shooting on this build while still having a decent sized wingspan now starting off in the finishing we have an 86 close shot which unlocks Fearless finisher on gold which is a very nice badge to have in order to help us make contested layups in the paint moving on to the driving layup we have an 80 which gives us slithery on Silver as well as float game on gold now floaters are a very good way to score in this year's game even as a big man especially if you put on the nicoa yic layup style which has one of the most consistent floater animations every single time for the driving dunk we have a 75 which will allow us to use a bunch of really good dunk animations which include your athletic one-handers off one Janis on a DMO dunk package as well as your Carl Anthony towns dunk package now whenever I make any build I always check and make sure I'm not missing out on any badges or animations that I want on my build and now this process has become even easier because I can check all badge threshold requirements as well as all animation unlock requirements on for free and the best thing about these features is that I can check requirements for animations and badges on my phone when I'm away from my console now although these are great free features on our site we also have a bunch of awesome premium features that you can use if you get a 2K lab subscription now to make this offer even better you can use code Joey to get 20% off at checkout now back to the build for the standing dunk we went with an 81 which unlocks Pro big man contact dunks as well as silver rise up which is going to make it super easy to dunk while standing under the basket we also get gold aerial wizard on this build which is going to make catching lobs and getting put back dunks even easier for the Post control we have an 85 which unlocks gold post spin technician as well as post fade Phenom on Hall of Fame which is a great badge to have to help you hit Fades out of the post moving on to the shooting we have an 86 mid-range shot which gets you badges like silver dead eyee and blinders and you also unlock loock midi Magician on gold which is going to help you hit shots at a very high rate in the mid-range area for the three-point shot we have an 80 and when you combine that with having gold catch and shoot as well as silver Claymore you will definitely be a knockdown shooter out at the three-point line for the free throw we have a 73 and although we unlock bronze free points with a 71 we had a super small amount of attribute points left over so we put them into free throw now for the playmaking we have a 75 pass accuracy to unlock Silver break starter which is going to help you throw crispy Outlet passes to your teammates on the break for the ball handle we went with a 62 to unlock Big Driver on Silver which is a great badge for Bigs to use to get more blow Buys in the mid-range area we also have a 58 speed with ball so we can move faster up the court with this build for the defense we are going to have a 92 block as well as a 77 interior defense so we can get gold anchor on this build which is going to allow us to be an elite rim protector on this build one great thing about having a minimum weight build in this situation is that it gives us enough speed and vertical to also get Chase down artist on gold which is going to help us get some insane chase down blocks next we also have a 67 perimeter defense as well as a 60 steel to unlock bronze Interceptor for the rebounding we will have an 83 defensive rebound to unlock Silver rebound Chaser as well as a 67 offensive rebound lastly for the physicals we have Max Speed and acceleration a 74 strength as well as an 80 vertical which again is what you need for gold chase down artist now as you can see this build is minmaxed to its full potential with little to no attributes left over on this build now for this build you do not get the shades of Chad homegrid when you walk out of the my player Builder but if getting his player Shades is something that you are interested in you can make this build right here that does have his player Shades in the my player Builder outro now that is all we have for this chat hom green build if you guys enjoyed the video don't forget to check us out again for more builds Badges and jump shot tests also if you like this NBA player build series let us know in the comments down below what player you want to see us do next but until next time peace PE