NBA 2K23 How to Play On Ball Defense : Challenger = Best 2K23 Defensive Badges ?

Challenger Badge 2K23

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How good is Challenger Badge in 2K23?

what is good everybody and happy New Year welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video you know to start the year off we're gonna go over a much requested badge and that Badge of course is Challenger this is a new badge in NBA 2k23 that was meant to take the place of Intimidator for perimeter contest while anchor took the place of Intimidator for interior contest since I put this badge on I haven't taken it off I personally like this badge a lot and you'll see why when we get into the results if you're trying to play any type of Defense you need to have this badge equipped in your Loadout so with that being said subscribe if you're new and let's get right into it [Music] the long definition says that this badge improves the effectiveness of well-timed contests against perimeter Shooters now Challenger is a great badge to equip to help increase the effectiveness of your perimeter contest but this doesn't exactly mean that your actual contest percentage will be increased instead the make percentage of the offensive player will drop drastically when affected by this badge as a matter of fact that was the first thing we tested was to see if it boosted perimeter contest percentages after doing 100 shots at Hall of Fame comparing it to 100 shots with no badge the average contestant came back within 0.3 percent of each other so we don't think you'll be able to see the increase in good test percentage in your shot feedback however the contests themselves will be significantly better now for the actual test and to prove our Theory we set up a script to take 200 contested shots every 10 milliseconds throughout the green window of an 85 rated three-point shooter for a total of 7 000 shots now all contests were light contests and came in under 20 we did try higher contest ranges but they resulted in less than 20 meg rates and it was hard to see the impact of the different badge levels if you're getting 20 contest or more on a shot you usually don't a challenger to help you force the Miss but looking at the graph we have the make percentage of the offensive player on the left and shot timing on the bottom now off the bat you can see how much Challenger actually works even on the bronze level with around a 10 reduction and make percentage in the center of the green window and even slightly more than that the silver level doesn't see much of a boost which is surprising because in general a lot of silver badges have shown noticeable improvement from the bronze level this year in 2k23 which wasn't the case so much in 2k22 and if you want to Be an Effective lockdown you should at least be trying to get gold looking at Hall of Fame though especially in the center of the green window you can see about a 35 reduction in make percentage which is obviously very significant making this an extremely powerful badge at this level so in short we recommend you try taking at least bronze if you want to be more effective when contesting perimeter shots and if you're trying to be more of a lockdown we suggest getting gold or Hall of Fame to see the best results Hall of Fame requires a 95 perimeter defense rating so it may be tough to get but you can get gold at an 86 perimeter defense which is easily reachable for most builds and will still provide a good return so it really depends on how you want to play in your play style earlier this year we put Challenger in the S tier for defensive badges for perimeter locks and after seeing these results we are leaving it up there with glove and clamps now that is all we have for the Challenger badge hopefully this video will make the Challenger guy happy and if you guys found the video helpful don't forget to drop a like it's been spelled and I'm out later