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2K24 Best Defensive Badges: Challenger

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NBA 2K24 Challenger Badge Test

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video we're going to be taking a look at the effectiveness of the Challenger badge and go through which level you should Target this is going to be a quick one so if you enjoy a test like these be sure to subscribe for more and let's get right into [Music] it this badge activates when you Challenger Badge properly contest with hands up on the perimeter sometimes it may not activate as the badge is a little finicky but otherwise it's a great badge to improve the effectiveness of your contest now while it does improve your contest it doesn't improve your contest percentage this means that the same contest for example if it was 10% would be more or less effective depending on your Challenger badge level but the contest stays the same at 10% to test this badge we used our modded controller and shot over a hands- up Defender with each level of Challenger on about a 10% or less contest and here's our results now Results as you can see we tested wide open shots in the same scenario as well as contest without the Challenger badge just for reference now starting with bronze it provides a decent boost to your contest but nothing significant making bronze just a nice to have badge level but as we move up to Silver we can see a drastic drop in make percentage which is partly due to the higher perimeter defense now the silver level looks to be a great sweet spot when it comes to value and is probably worth targeting if you're looking for more effective contest without spending too many attributes in defense but when it comes to the gold and Hall of Fame levels on our test the gold level looks to be very similar to Hall of Fame making it a great level to Target for hybrid lockdowns and any build wanting to key in on defense but if you're a pure lockdown you'll still probably want Hall of Fame to get every last bit of Defense possible and if you want the exact numbers for all of the badges we've tested you can view them for free at under the badge test tab in the sidebar or on the homepage at the bottom now that is all we got for the Challenger badge and if this video helped you or you found it informative a simple like would be greatly appreciated thank you all for watching it's Ben spill and I'm out later oh