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How to Make Contact Layups: Bully Badge

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is sam fan welcome back to the 2k lab channel today we're going to show you how you can optimize the bully badge but at the same time how you can defend against it so in this video we'll be going into the details of the bully badge in terms of what his activation rates are at each batch level and will also break down how these rate changes depending on the attributes of the defender in regards to the ability to play interior defense or how strong they are so before we show you guys the detailed charts and numbers what you have to first understand is a player with 95 string with hall of fame bully its ideals matchup is a defender for 25 string and 25 interior however you can see in this incident where the defense strength is not up to 95 the same offensive player no longer get to trigger his bully badge because the defensive strength is gonna lower that percentage of it popping up so that's one big factor on stopping bully and another factor that can hurt your bullying chances is even though here you can see the pop up but because the defender has 95 interiors the contest level is so high it ends up lowering the make percentage of the layout even though fully triggered so by the numbers here are your results you can see here this is a defender with 25 interior and strength versus a player with bronze silver gold and hall of fame bully all at 95 strength but at different batch levels and as you can see at the hall of fame level it is quite powerful at a trigger rate of 62 percent while it does grow linearly from bronze silver to go with a little bit of jump at silver now if you increase the defender's ability into 50 interior and 50 strength the numbers across the ball generally goes down but it's still at a pretty good percentage silver and gold close to that 50 range half more closer to 60 and bronze at around 44 and against an elite defender who has 95 interior and strength you can tell the numbers have dropped off very significantly for bronze silver and gold while hall of fame still remains powerful your trigger rate is now lower than 50 so that might not be worth it to try a bully badge on such a defender and in regards to our recommendation we suggest silver level for the bully batch and this is especially true for guards because you're gonna need a lot of attribute points to get to the 95 strings you need for hall of fame and as a guard you can really use those points out for important things such as defense or even pass accuracy when it comes down to it silver is the bash level that gives you the best bang for your buck unless you're dead set on getting this on hall of fame and if you made it this far into the video make sure you type either over or under in the comment section so we know you stay to the end and most importantly this will let us know how you feel about the bully badge as it is overrated or is it underrated and what kind of experience you've had with it so far and in regards to activating the batch it only works on driving layups so no euro no hopsteps and the best way to trigger is obviously right stick up to do a driving layup you can also do a right six scoop layout but make sure you're pushing the right stick towards the defender so the defenders on your right do the scoop layup by pushing the right stick to the right no turbo and for my tactic experience right stick scoop layups towards defender does trigger it the most and in regards to bash stacking possibilities you can see a couple of clips here we have the clap breaker and the quick first step stacked on with the bully and you can even do it with post-spin technician but that's a lot of bad point investment we don't suggest it but the possibility to stack this batch is pretty high because it works well with badges that gets you a good angle because you need that good angle on the defender to trigger bullies so clam breaker or quick first step or hyperdrive is great for that so as always thanks for coming by make sure you go to the website mba to check out more testing we do all year long and we look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon