Best Defensive Badges on NBA 2K23 : Brick Wall Badge Test Video

Brick Wall Badge Test 2K23

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Should I use Brick Wall in 2K23?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam fam and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about some badges on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be taking a deep dive into the brick wall patch we're going to show you how effective it is per bash level on setting screens and at the same time we'll also show you its ability to slow down post back down per batch level and also how much stamina drain does it do when it's defended looking at the power of the batch here you can see Hall of Fame brick wall versus no pick Dodger and when it's set to this extreme you can see the screen success is at 66 while the pick can only be dodged 34 of the time but in terms of per batch level let's take a look at this chart where we have each level of brick wall go up against silver pick Dodger and as you can see the numbers go up pretty consistently up to Silver but there is a big jump from silver to gold as you can see the screen success jump from 48 to 54 and when you get at the hall of fame obviously it's best but there's only a slight jump above gold so if you're looking for the best return for your investment gold is the way to go and bronze and silver are not bad and no batch is not terrible but it obviously is the worst And in regards to backdown here in this script you can see the defender has no badge being back down and he can be backed in pretty quickly now here the defender has a Hall of Fame brick wall and you can see it's much more difficult to back him into the paint so this is another effect of brick wall and by the Numbers here you can see each level of brick wall versus an offensive player with no backdown Punisher and the amount of backdowns that is being increased at bronze is a pretty big jump from none and then it goes up pretty consistently and then there's a huge jump in Hall of Fame where Hall of Fame is essentially twice as good as if you had no batch so this is something to consider if you're a defendant that defends a lot of pose UPS now in regards to the back down stamina drain effect it does not increase a batch level goes up so the rate at which the defender drains the opposing his player's stamina as the offensive player backs him down it stays the same throughout all batch levels of brick wall so overall this is definitely a pretty worthwhile bash depending on your role in the team because it is one of those badges that has multiple purposes not only does it work for big body screens it also helps you defend in the pose and then there's also stamina drain so definitely invest in this if this is your role on the team and if you made it this far into the video please leave a number between one to ten to give us your feedback on how you feel about the brick wall badge and if you tap into users a lot definitely leave your experience in the comment section so we can all learn from it alright so as always thanks for coming by make sure to check out the website at for hundreds and thousands of all tests and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon