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Best Playmaking Badges for Bigs: Break Starter

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is sanfa and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about the best playmaking badges on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be taking a deep dive into the brick starter batch we're going to show you a comparison between no badge and also with brickstarter and why is it so important to have this badge equipped and also we're going to show you by the Numbers exactly how much this batch helps you per batch level in terms of Clean Catch percentage let's take a look at what happens when you don't have to press starter badge so you can't trigger it up to a device rebound and all the major issues that this actually comes with that not only hurts you but the rest of your team in significant ways so after the rerun here you can see the past trajectory it is very high and that affects the cash not only slow because it's high it also affects the receiver's calf because it doesn't hit the person it's dry and when you don't have brakes starter the pass is either too high or when it's not too high it's behind the receiver like this so that it slows down the whole thing and the receiver loses all his momentum now granted can you still get assist without it sure but it's very risky you see that pass there that was too high risky pass like it's gonna hurt your team success significantly if you don't have this badge on and and worst of all is that you can see in this example even when it's wide open the pass is like a wobbly Loft so that's bad now let's see what happens if you have gold brick starter on so the batch does activate after defensive rebound only as you can see here if you throw the pass right after the defensive rebound the badge will trigger now go brick starter here you can see the trajectory of the pass is way better not only is it kind of like a line drive pass it also usually end up not always hits the receiver in stride so no momentum is lost and they can attack right away and these Line Drive passes by default is just going to help you speed up your passes not that it increases your pass accuracy but because it's not high wobbly or behind the receiver is a line drive right they just get to the receiver faster because of the trajectory and like I mentioned earlier golden above with brick starter is going to hit the receiver and stride at top and another crucial Buff when it comes to Brick starter is that much like needle threader it can also act as a soft Interceptor counter as you see there you can see that element play out once again in this clip where the defender just has a tougher time to get the ball because breaks down to access the internet to counter now let's take a look at the numbers and details in regards to clean catch percentage and as you can see from none the Hall of Fame the jump is quite significant close to 20 percent throughout the batch levels it goes up pretty consistently but we do recommend you get this to Gold because it would only take you about a 76 pass accuracy to reach that threshold and that's also going to allow you to get the LeBron James passing style which is one of the best ones out there so recommendation is definitely gold if you can get it up there but if you're a big man build that gets a lot of defensive rebounds you do not want to go into the game with no brick starter badge alright so you made it this far into the video let us know in the comment section what badge you would like us to test out next and we'll review that and hopefully be able to get you those results as quickly as possible and figure out the best test is to do so and if you happen to use the brick starter badge a lot we would love to hear your feedback on it in terms of how much you like it and how you like to use it and for the people who like to run on Fast breaker lost let us know if brickstarter do change a ton of your gameplay experience because we highly recommend this badge alright so as always thanks for coming by make sure to go to the website at for hundreds and thousands and more passes and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon