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How to Block More Shots in 2K23

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam fam and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about how to get more blogs on NBA 2k23 so in this video we're going to take a look at your vertical rating can actually help you get more blocks and before you see the rest of the video leave a comment in the comment section on how you feel about this before watching what we're about to show you so let's begin with this question which player do you think has higher block rating here player a as you can see him execute here or the upcoming player B and the acid videos both actually had 75 block rating but the difference is player B on the right side has 99 word while player a on the left side only has 25. and if you look into the clip in detail you can see here the player with 25 word doesn't get off the ground at all that much and it gets up kind of slowly but now if you increase the vert to 60 keeping blog and interior defense the same you can see the player gets off the ground more and he jumps faster and the chances of blocking is much higher and that 99 word it's a different beast and in order to get you guys some detailed numbers on this we took the different vertical ratings into vertical contestants and we did it at 25 60 80 and 99 and what we noticed was at 25 you just don't really get any blocks and you also have very low contest percentage now but once you get higher at 60 the consensus percentage improves and you also start getting more blogs but once you're at that 75 80 range you start to see much more block animations at 99 once again everything just becomes better so by the numbers as you can see both the contest percentage and the broad percentage will go up as your vertical climbs up even though your block and interior defense remain the same at 75 in this case and obviously does recommended range is about 80 to 75 because at that range you're pretty much getting most of the benefits 99 is absolutely Overkill and really too hard to get to but vertical definitely does matter and we also tested a 99 vertical with 25 block just to see if your bird actually helps with blocks and when we turn into this you got no blocks so vertical helps you block better but you still need block rating now if you're wondering this is vertical rating has the effect on contesting stands dude jump shot well the answer is no here you can see this test 2560 ad and 99 invert and across all four ratings it took the player 44 frames to get into the air and he stayed in the air for 27 frames so when you go in for Blocks Your word rating does increase your potential in blocking more shots here you can see 25 words struggle but as you climb up and you get into that 60 range you can see a difference but once you're between a 75 to 80 you'll notice a significant significant difference and obviously at 99 you're just going to get even better animations and you start getting them at 75 to 82 but 99 is a completely different problem for the offensive player so if you're going for blocks definitely do not just ignore your vertical rating it is definitely has an effect on helping you get more blocks obviously 99 is an Overkill but if you can get it up to 75 to 80 that range is worth it so definitely let us know in the comment section if you feel vertical rating helps you get more blocks and if you would like to see us test this alongside with Badges and the vertical rating on defensive badges just get this video to 1500 likes and I'll get to producing that one for you guys as always fans are coming by and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon