NBA 2K23 Blinders Shooting Badge : How to Green More Shots Contested !

What does Blinders Badge do in 2k23?

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Best Shooting Badges in 2k: Blinders

what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video as you can see by the title we'll be going over the blinders badge and as always go over which level you need to be the most effective we're also going to compare it against Deadeye to see which badge you should be prioritizing and for this test alone we took a 17 000 shot sample and of course all the badge info is free but if you want to support further or you want to check out the best jump shots we've tested with our automated system you can always become a premium member at where you'll have access to the make percentages and green Windows of over 50 jump shots and you can even get 20 off using Code YouTube now if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe and let's get right into the video [Music] the description for blinders says that jump shots taken with a Defender closing out in their peripheral vision will suffer a lower penalty you can see down below the attribute thresholds four blanders and for Hall of Fame it requires a 97 3-point rating which is a fairly heavy investment so just keep that in mind when it comes to the value of each badge level it's a tier 3 badge for all build 610 and under and a tier 2 badge for everything 611 and taller now to test blinders we took 200 jump shots for every 5 milliseconds throughout the green window for a contested shot our automated script has the ball handler take a dribble to the side to create the blindness contest angle and then shoots a contested shot in the 10 to 20 range we did this at every badge level and without the badge which came out to be 17 000 total shots which is actually one of our largest samples ever looking at the chart the center of the green window for blinders takes around 46.5 which is pretty similar to the center of the green window of our Deadeye chart the Deadeye peaking around 51 which we'll take a look at in just a second the finance graph is going to look a little crazier than our Deadeye graph because it was difficult to get consistent test out around the same contest percentage compared to Deadeye where it's much easier to get those consistent contest percentages now with that being said that's why we took so many shots for this test on the screen you can see blinders on the left with Deadeye on the right and it looks like blinders is just better at raising the entire green window in general especially on the edges while Deadeye focuses more on improving the center of the green window you can see the Hall of Fame level of blinders sees a significant boost primarily on the earlier edges of the green window but because of the high attribute costs associated with Hall of Fame blenders we typically don't recommend players targeted as you'll need a 97 3-point rating as I mentioned earlier now it's not completely off the table however but if you do Target the 97 3-point on your new build you will be sacrificing something in return now if you're a primary ball handler who creates threes using triple moves then you'll definitely want blinders on gold at least this badge works really well with Fades and Fades are still really good this year in general if you have 24 or more shooting Badges and you're stuck between choosing Deadeye or blinders we recommend blinders because one it's easier to activate and two it's far more practical if you're hunting for threes if you're looking for our blinders versus data activation video to give you an idea of the contest needed to activate these badges I'll leave a link in the description below now Deadeye still has its benefits and it might work well for peer catch and shoot players but don't forget about how expensive these badges cost now builds with low shooting badges can avoid blinders and Deadeye entirely even on bronze but if you have 24 or more shooting badges or you play in a comp setting you should be targeting this badge on gold at least for the maximum return now that is all we got for the blinders badge video If this video helped you don't forget to leave a like and comment down below whether you guys are using blinders or Deadeye it is Spill and I will catch you guys in the next video later thank you