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What does Blinders Badge do in 2k24?

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Best Shooting Badges in 2k: Blinders

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video we're going to be taking a look at the blinders badge and go over each level's Effectiveness and also talk about which level you should be targeting as always this video will be a quick one so don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already turn notifications on and without further Ado get right into [Music] it if you're hunting for threes or even just like to pull up mid-range blanders is an essential badge to help you convert those shots in tight Windows the short definition is simple the description simply says becomes unfazed by Defenders from the side now did you know there's actually two different definitions for each badge in the Builder the long definition is a little more descriptive and it says jump shots taken with a Defender closing out in their peripheral vision will suffer a lower penalty now we ran two tests for this badge the first was testing each badge level at the same three-point rating and then the second being testing blinders at each badge unlock rating for both of these tests we took 200 shots for every 5 millisecond throughout the green window and all contests to activate blanders were anywhere from open to 10% the defender had 85 perimeter defense and played hands up defense for the first test we exclusively tested at an 87 3point rating and ran the same exact test for each badge level you can see here just how much the badge level affects the make percentage even with the same three-point rating bronze and silver don't show much in this specific test but the gold and Hall of Fame levels provide a significant boost seeing a make percentage of about 60% or more at the edges of the green window the second test was that each badge unlock rating and you can see much more find results where the silver and bronze levels show much better value once again though gold shows a significant boost making it one of the best values at just an 89 mid or 93o rating looking at this chart though silver is another good option which only requires a 79 3point or 83 mid and it's honestly a great threshold for locks especially at 67 where the max wingspan of 74 caps out at a 79 3point rating bronze is more of a nice to have but as we finally look at Hall of Fame it's a good deal better than the gold level it's not quite the jump like silver to gold but for those guards in com proom you'll most likely wanted as high as you can get it now that is all we have for the blinders test I hope this helps you guys and if it did be sure to drop a like it's been spill and I'll catch you guys in the next one later