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Best Size Up Escape on 2K23

Video Transcript:
hey everyone welcome back to the channel today we're going to look into stacking size of Escape packages with shooting and play making badges so the two size up packages we'll be looking in the detail is going to be the poor George which requires 75 plus ball handle and John Wall which requires 80 we're going to compare them in terms of which one is faster but most importantly we're going to show you a combo move that works with both of those packages and this move is actually going to help you stack quick First Step clam breaker or agent free to make sure you can either get freeze in game or get plenty of inside finish opportunities because you're in the perfect position to trick a clan breaker or just blow by your Defender so if you want more bash stacking or animation breakdowns content from us just give this video to 1500 likes and we'll continue to produce these for you guys so I call this move a cash Escape because you're triggering a size of X8 speed boost immediately after you catch the ball and depending on which package you have and what situation you're in this is deadly and when you're doing this move with either the Paul George or the John Wall size of Escape it works with both but George is five percent faster overall versus wall when you pull off this move so let's take a look at the best way you could use this move to trigger quick first step and Clan breaker and here we have the Paul George size of Escape so you want to hold turbo after be catch the ball then flick the elastic diagonal up left and then your right stick diagonally upright one right after the other and as you exit out the move and hold your left stick up right that's going to trigger clam breaker plus quick first step and all that good stuff now if you want to get agent 3 off with this batch here we have the John one size of Escape package oh turbo same thing flick your left stick diagonal up right this time and then immediately the right stick diagonal up left opposite direction and then of that you'll be able to ready to shoot and this will pop agent free every single time so both packages can help you find drives or threes but the George catch Escape is naturally better for drives because this animation kind of ends up from taking that step forward right there and off that is really easy to trigger clamp breaker and you can see our guy wolf did it just here online and he just clearly completely blow my sky now the wall catch Escape can also trigger clamberger but it's better for freeze because of this little half that is does as you finish the combo and this hop is deadly online as you can see our man Tony from the six to it right here John Wall Patrick skate bang so if you made it this one on the video and the comment section make sure you type Tony to shout out our guy out for providing those nasty John Wall catch Escape clips and also in the description if you want to see more of Tony's content we'll leave his YouTube channel linked there and lastly you can also let us know which package do you like the most yourself the wall or the Paul George what height is your player and how you like to use it as always thanks for coming by make sure to go to the website at for more information and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon