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NBA 2K24 Best SG Build

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is COA and welcome back to another 2K Lab video now in today's video I'm going to be showcasing my sharp shooting shooting guard build with Hall of Fame agent 3s and Hall of Fame blinders so if youall Ready for today's video go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this let's get into [Music] it now you can go point guard or shooting guard on this build we're going to go ahead and go 65 for the height 175 lb for the weight and a 66 wingspan now the main thing that I wanted to make sure that I have on this build is some Elite shooting capabilities so we went ahead and went with a 98 3point rating that's Hall of Fame agent 3 Hall of Fame blinders gold dead eyee gold Limitless range Hall of Fame catch and shoot Green Machine guard up space Creator Claymore Corner specialist and open looks now we' seen in the intro how big of a factor that Hall of Fame dead ey could play but the Hall of Fame agent 3s allows us to fade from the three-point line with out takeover very consistently I wanted to be a sharpshooter on this build I didn't want to be limited in any way beyond the three-point line so having a build on the team that could hit some crucial difficult shots from the three-point line is critical especially in these five on five game modes and on a build like this I can definitely hit some tough three-point shots with all those Hall of Fame badges stacked up with us but I didn't just want to be limited to the three-point line having that gold mini magician if we go up to an 84 mid-range opens up our offensive bag just that much more if they play too high we can easily beat our Defender we don't have to force three-point shots and we can take the shots that the defense is giving us that alone will just make us incredibly tough to guard for a Defender so not only can we hit those tough three-point shots we can also hit some tough fade and spin shots inside of the mid-range area that allows us to be that sharp shooting shooting guard that we wanted but I didn't want to be a liability on defense so we took the steel all the way up to a 91 steel rating give a Gold Glove gold Interceptor and gold right stick Ripper we also needed the perimeter defense if we go up to a 72 perimeter defense in our acceleration matches it we will get bronze fast feet and we also get bronze Challenger for contesting those shots at the perimeter and most of us have seen by now just how deadly that 91 steel rating could be having not only some defense on our build but also that 91 steel rating can force turnovers leading to really easy transitional buckets for not only me but also my team and we don't even necessarily have to get the steel or secure the steel as long as we are bumping our opponent and we're plucking the ball making them think again think twice whenever they're coming down the court and they're about to get in their offensive bag we can really start to get in their head and start to be a menace on defense as well so again I really wanted to be a sharp shooter shooting guard build but if I'm able to force some turnovers for me and my team that lead to easy buckets also fading from threein transition as we can we can be a dominant two a player now onto playmaking we have to be that secondary ball hander that our team needs now I love dribbling the rock so I went up to a 92 ball handle and with that I also went up to an 83 spe ball to hit that gold Blow by and speed booster threshold we also get that triple strike badge on gold which is critical if we're trying to get quick buckets out of the Triple Threat now we have the ball handling and the speed ball to definitely get some buckets and create some shot opportunities for us but also we need that pass s or see if we're going to be a two-way ball handler so I went ahead with 74 pass pass accuracy now we get silver di bronze relay bronze touch passer and bronze break starter now in the previous year of 2K 23 I tried to shoot for that 75 passing accuracy threshold to get the LeBron James passing style but in the present year of 2K 24 I don't find myself using any passing style until I hit that 89 passing accuracy rating so if I'm going to be rocking no passing style a 74 passing accuracy fits just right for a build like this we don't want to limit ourselves or our teammates with a very low passing accuracy we need to be able as a secondary ball hander to get the ball into the open man's hands for stamina we went up to a 97 to secure that gold handles for days badge and up to the finishing we don't have much points left but we do have enough points to hit that 74 driving layup threshold now a 74 driving layup isn't much but we're able to snag that gold Giant Slayer threshold and alongside that we get bronze slithery bronze acrobat silver bunny silver float game gold prot touch silver scooper and gold whistle now we're not a crazy finisher at The Rim but we can definitely hit our open layups especially in transition especially if we're utilizing our scoop layup animations now to wrap up this build we have the 74 driving layup and all of these finishing badges that I just went over to come with it we are a sharpshooter on this build with a 84 mid-range for gold mini magician a 98 3point rating for Hall of Fame agent 3s and Hall of Fame blinders and countless more Hall of Fame badges along with gold Dead Eye and gold Limitless range we have a serviceable passing accuracy as a shooting guard and we can definitely protect and handle the rock with almost all gold playmaking badges along with gold blowby gold Speed Booster and gold triple strike we head down to defense with a 91 steel for Gold Glove gold Interceptor and gold right stick Ripper we have enough perimeter for bronze Challenger and bronze fast feet all of our physicals match our badges thresholds and that is going to wrap it up for my two-way sharp shooting shooting guard build for NBA 2K 24 do you guys like the build what would you change about it leave all the feedback down in the comments below as always like And subscribe I'll catch on the next one