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Best Passing Styles on 2K Part 2

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Which Passing Style is Best on 2K23?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is xantha and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about passing styles on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be doing a detailed comparison between the lamelo ball Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry passing style we'll do frame speed analysis on their lineup pass speed and the overall speed of the entire animation let's begin with these weak side corner passes out of the pick and roll we're going to start off with lamello and as you can see here his wind up is going to take 23 frames and as the ball leaves his hand the pass speed is going to be 41 frames for a combined total of 64. and he also has a secondary animation with these weak side passes and this second animation the windup is 23 the past beat 43 with a total of 66 and when compared to Curry who is an absolute disaster with these kind of weak side corner passes because he's got this animation that is super slow the wind up is 38 frames and this is not usable magic also has a very very slow wind up at 35 frames the pass speed is still 41 and the total is 76 but that wind up is also incredibly slow so when it comes to passing style that wind up is everything when the ball leaves your hand the pass beat actually stays true to your accuracy so if you have to bad slow wind up or you get a bad animation it's really going to mess you up so Curry here he has two animations for his roll passes this one you can see the wind up is 26 pass is 26 for a total of 52. however his second animation to the role pass is a bad he's got a windup that's 38 so this is a very bad row pass pass speed is 24 here for a total of 63. now in regards to Magic his robots animation is excellent he's gonna wind up that's 24. pass beat here is 26 so that little bit of discrepancy is just past location but the wind up is key so lamello is the best of the three he's got a 21 in this Frame one up 24 pass for a total of 45 so this is the fastest Among Us they're all three and then in regards to chest passes Curry has got one that's 21 up 36 pass speed for a total of 56. lavello has a very similar animation with the exact same speed at 21 out 36 pass and 56 total but lamello does have a second chest pass animation which is a little bit faster than wind up is 16 with a pass beat of 38 for total of 54 and in regards to Magic he also has two chest pass animations his first one is the same as the curry and the lamella one at 20 36 and 56. his second one is fast it's got a 16 one up 37 pass speed for a total of 53. so if you take all these passes and you actually look at them with the other passing Styles here's a chart of all seven of them and these are the weak side pass and you can tell the past travel time is relatively close to each other but the wind up deviations can go pretty crazy so that's the one you want to focus on because the windup does change the distance of the past so that's also affects past travel time and here are the numbers for the pick and roll passes so if I have to recommend you one I would lean either LeBron mellow or none well personally I feel fundamental and Curry style are probably disasters because fundamentals has got that bad overhead pass and Curry has these weird animation for all the roll passes and here are the chest pass as you can see this is where Jason William passing style gets killed because he has that one bad animation that might trigger and it takes a 31 frame wind up so that's horrible so for today in the comment section let us know which style you're rocking with which one do you prefer and which one do you think it's horrible and you won't suggest other people to use so we can give each other feedback they help each other out and if this content helped you out please add us a like and also considering visiting where we do hundreds and thousands of more tests for you as always thanks for coming by and we look forward to speak to you again very soon