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Bailout Badge in 2k23

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Best Bronze Badges in 2K: Bail Out

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K live video and this one we'll be taking a look at the bailout badge in NBA 2K 23. bailout has been the best bronze budget badge for years just due to how powerful the bronze level was and at the same time how cheap it was to equip it with 2k23 having changed some passing mechanics we took a deep dive into just how effective each level of bailout is we first tested pass accuracy to see if it helps naturally with bailout passes and for this test we threw 200 bailout passes at different pass accuracy levels and recorded the successful catches turnovers and then the cleaner catches as you can see by the 70 clean catch rate at 95 pass accuracy it's really good compared to no badge where you can only get clean catches at a rate of 39 and a half percent most people are choosing to go with the 75 pass accuracy for the LeBron passing style but you can see at 85 pass accuracy the turnover rate was almost cut in half when compared to 75 and this is with no bailout we then tested the badge at each level with 75 pass accuracy because that's what we feel like most people are going with and then looking at the graphic you can see the enormous jump from no badge to bronze by nearly 46 percent more clean catches 30 percent less fumble catches and eight percent less turnovers the bronze level still Reigns Supreme and the other levels only improved lightly I guess the only decent jump you can see past the bronze level is the three and a half percent less fumble catches at Silver but that's definitely not enough for me to justify spending another badge point now speaking of badge points bailout is a tier 2 badge for all builds making this more expensive to equip than in previous 2ks obviously that's three badge points now if you don't throw bailout passes and you need to play making badges for something else you can obviously skip it but just be careful because for me personally you never know when you might need to bail out of a shot if you handle the ball a lot and make these types of passes it's definitely a worthy investment to equip it and you don't need to go higher than the bronze level if you don't have the badge on at all and you throw these types of passes don't be surprised if you throw a turnover now that is all we got for the bailout badge if this helped you be sure to leave a like on the video it is Spill and I will catch you guys in the next one later