NBA 2K23 Best Defensive Badges : Is Anchor Badge Worth It ? Video

Anchor Badge Test in 2K23

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Best Defensive Badges in 2K: Anchor

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is sanfa and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about defensive badges on 2k23 in this video we'll be taking a deep dive into the anchor batch we're going to show you how it helps you block shots from anywhere in the court also we're going to show you the numbers per batch level in terms of increase of this batch helping you protect the rim with contessas in the paint so the footage you're seeing here is with a player built that has Hall of Fame anchor and 99 block and when it comes to this batch it's going to give you a better block animations as you go up in batch level at Silver you're going to see a pretty nice jump but if you can get it to heart of Fame you will get the best results as you can see from our guy wolf here now in regards to Anchor helping you protect the rim and the numbers involved what we have discovered is that this badge not only is going to help increase your average contest percentage it's also going to decrease the make percentage of the offensive player as you protect the rim so here are the numbers of anchor doing a hands up contest versus standing layups and as you can see at no batch the make percentage of the offensive player is high while the average contest is only at 25 but the moment you pop on bronze you can see there's a huge change now every again this is 41 and make percentage goes down significantly and the jump between silver and bronze is small but gold doesn't make a pretty big leap in terms of contest jump but that Hall of Fame to make percentage takes a free fall to two percent so getting this Bastion Hall of Fame is definitely worth it so it's true that Anker is a brand new badge but essentially it is kind of like intimidated and rim protected together and it can help you really block shots from anywhere but at the same time really help you protect the rim by lowering average contest and make percentage in the paint so a badge like this in a year where slasher is a very powerful it's definitely going to be extremely helpful so we recommend you definitely get it and if you can get at the hall of fame you will get the benefits of the effects with the beta blocking and the incredible make percentage drop so if you made it this far into the video in the comment section leave a number between 1 to 10 to give us your feedback on how you feel about the anchor badge and how you've been dealing with it if you have it equipped so as always thanks for coming by make sure to check out our website at where we do thousands of is for you and yeah I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon