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Video Transcript:
in this video we'll be going over the anchor defensive batch and please let us know in the comment section what batch you want us to test next and we'll get to work on those for you so for today we'll look at the effects of anchor from no badge all the way to Hall of Fame we're going to see the percentage of contest increase you get per badge level and also give you guys a recommendation of what level you should use online so for this test we had an offensive player go up against a Defender with different levels of anchor while he's playing hands up defense and here are the numbers we got so at no B with 77 block and 61 interior so the same requirements as the bronze level you can see that no batch gives you an average contest of 26.3 at bronze it takes a pretty big jump 10% plus into 37.2 getting it to Silver there's a slight jump 39.5 on the go the jump is a little bit smaller at 40.5 with 92 block and 77 interior and at Hall of Fame is 43.3 with 99 block and 85 interior so if you line them all up you can see there is a graph gradual increase but the jump between silver to gold is small and for the make percentage of these shots what we have seen is as long as you're in good position and the contest level was over 30% the offensive player is just not going to make it now in terms of taking it online all the clips you're about to see here are at the silver level and you can see our man with the 99 Jersey is pretty much dominating and closing the paint down with silver so from what we have seen Silver is definitely fair good and bronze is also pretty useful so these two levels with the way the game is especially 2K 24 and paintt scoring we really can't recommend you to go any higher than these especially silver is just you can see here all the snatch blocks and just pretty much all the stops even with hands up defense it's all there so keep it as silver and bronze is good enough but don't really need to go high and also please let us know in the comment section what level of anchor do you use and what kind of experience have you seen with it especially if any of you are on the gold or even the Hall of Fame level we would love to hear your feedback on just do you feel like the badges worth it at that high or to our silver and bronze users do you agree with our recommendation that those are like more than enough and once again leave a comment on what badge you want us to test next and I'll get to work on those for you guys and as always thanks for coming by make sure to check out for more tools jump shot stats and plenty of 2K help and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon