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Amped Badge Test 2K23

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How good is Amped in 2k23?

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video if you remember our last amp video we did it was all on Activation so for this one we're going through the Boost at each badge level and in our most recent tier list we had it in the sea tier but after looking at these results from this test you might be thinking a little bit differently if you're new to the channel man be sure to subscribe and let's get right into it [Music] the badge description says that it reduces the penalty that fatigue has on a player and their ability to make shots now activating amped is simple and we'll go over it real quick all you need to do to activate this badge is to shoot a jump shot below 50 stamina shooting with 50 or lower stamina is going to make your jumper about 13 slower and we also know that using this badge won't remove that shot speed penalty now once your stamina meter goes below 50 it will start to Blink yellow and if you want to know more about the amped activation we'll link our previous video down below in the description now to test amped we set up an automated script to drain our stamina with a series of between the legs dribble moves and then took a shot while the player's stamina was blinking around 50 to generate these samples now we took 200 shots at each badge level for every five milliseconds throughout the green window and the clips that you just saw was the actual script running in real time now the graph shows us that just having the badge equipped at all will make a huge difference in your ability to shoot low stamina shots there's roughly a 10 make increase from no badge to bronze but keep in mind our test took shots at 50 stamina which as you can see are still greenable but become much tougher to time the lower your stamina is the harder it becomes to make shots and once you get around 10 or lower your make percentage will drop drastically but regardless the Boost from the badge is pretty easy to see now if this is a tier one badge for you as a primary ball handler it seems like a pretty good option especially on the bronze level if it's a low investment if it's tier 2 though then you're going to want to pay close attention to your core progress and make sure you're activating this badge enough to justify spending that many points in the park this badge can be especially good on the 1v1 court and even in 2v2 but if you're not a primary ball handler then you could probably skip it it might work better in the wreck for some people as the games are longer and your stamina will play a more important role so in that case it could be a badge to consider now it's tier one for all players six six and up and tier 2 for all players six five and below so if you're a taller player it does become slightly more valuable as it's much cheaper to equip now that is all we got for the amped badge boost if this video helped you be sure to leave a like and also don't forget to leave a like now it is Spill and I will catch you guys in the next one later