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Should I upgrade Aerial Wizard in NBA 2K23?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about badges on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be looking at the aerial wizard badge we're going to break it down to you guys exactly what it does to increase your ability to finish alley oops and what each level actually does for you in detail secondly we'll also break down to you how it can help you with putbacks and what level you need to get these done consistently while saving your batch points so let's begin with alley oops and we're going to take a look here in this incident where you don't have the aerial wizard badge so this is no back and as you can see when the variables as such the audio meter has a lot of black space which if you trigger is not going to pop the green space is small and the green window is very laid into the meter so that's the kind of disadvantage you get if you have no batch essentially with no badge you have a small chance to hit slight ladies and your green window is very much delayed now granted if it's a wide open allele like this as long as you get it into that slightly range you will finish and these characteristics will be pretty consistent if you keep trying these kind of alley oops or no badge as you can see once again very small slightly opportunities the light green window granted if your timing is good you will still finish the tongue but this is not the best now if you compare it to Hall of Fame area wizard another audio wide open one you can see the spot we triggered it is similar but at Hall of Fame level your slightly chances uh increase significantly you can see now the green bar is covering majority of your meter but most importantly the green window has now moved up by a ton so you have a way earlier opportunity to Green now and that's big so you can see here we did a Green it but we were able to trigger the dunk much earlier compared to no batch to finish it off and we got that slightly but the opportunity and the advantages are huge you can see another incident here at the hall of fame level we popped the audio meter once again lots of green and the green window was also super early so much more margin for Eric now at the Gold level similar to Hall of Fame once again you can see lots of slightly the green window was much earlier so from our testing golden Hall of Fame you get these kind of advantages and they are pretty consistent with it so gold is probably enough you don't need to go all the way to Hall of Fame but if you do get it to go there are these smaller incidents where like you don't get that perfect one but it's still much better than no batch now at Silver same Angle now you can see still a lot of slightly green opportunity but the green window it's earlier than no badge but it's slightly later compared to Golden Hall of Fame so there is a drop off from Hall of Fame gold to Silver especially with silver the green window will get moved back and you can sometimes get these worse opportunity done it's still better than no match but now it's worse than golden Hall of Fame right bronze has very similar characteristics to Silver once again plenty of slightly window but the green window has moved back a bit but you're still a lot better than no batch but not as good as Hall of Fame and gold so Bronson silver similar golden Hall of Fame are better there's a bigger jump but it's all about that green window earlier later or how much you're slightly meter is now when it comes to putbacks we do recommend at a silver level that's what is happening here with majority of these red Clips you can see on all of these putbacks so you definitely want to get it up there because don't forget aerial wizard helps a lot with value Hoops but at the same time it also helps with putbacks and silver is a pretty sweet spot for it so overall we recommend at least bronze or silver depending on what you like to do a ton definitely don't go with no badge if you can get aerial wizard because that green when they're moving out with the big bigger slightly opportunity is huge silver is going to give me even better put backs but bronze will help you finish majority of your alley oops because especially you're not going to call these when you're completely you know covered so you're going to be relatively open bronzer silver is going to do the trick so as always thanks for coming by if you got any questions leave it in the comment section we would love to hear how you've been using aerial wizard make sure to visit for more information and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon