NBA 2K24 Best Build Dribble Moves / SIGS for 92 Ball Handle Video

Best Dribble Moves for 92 Ball Handle

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2K24 Best Dribble Animations for 92 Ball Handle

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is COA and welcome back to another 2K Lab video now in today's video we're going over the 92 plus guard dribbling animations that we recommend over here at 2K labs and not all of the dribbling animations that we'll be going over in today's video require a 92 or above ball handle so even if you don't hit that 92 ball handle you can definitely learn some things in today's video so drop a like subscribe let's go ahead and get into [Music] it now for dribble style I'm still using the pro dribble style because my build doesn't hit that 90 spew bow requirement if you have a 90 spe will ball we recommend use Kyrie Irving dribble style and if you don't we recommend either Pro or Allan Iverson Pro is really nice because it doesn't have any slow or sluggish animations and it also has a really nice speed boost going towards your off ball hand and again if you guys already tried out the pro dribble style and didn't really mess with it you could also use alen Iverson dribble step on the size up if you guys have a 95 ball handle you guys want to use Steve Francis size up on my build I only have a 92 so I'm settling for that Trey young size up if you don't have a 92 ball handle you could also work with the 80 ball handle Darius Garland now the Trey young size up is a really good animation to go with your size Up animations don't require as much stamina as other dribble moves Inside Your Arsenal so not only has it been fun but it also been very effective comboing these size up controls back and forth to get open buckets now onto regular breakdown combo I've been messing with the Isaiah Thomas now not only do you move side to side in kind of a gidy way but you also move your yourself forward so that allows you to do a few things this helps you finding a spot to score from going side to side but it also allows you to go forward and then do a hop back or a snatch back then bringing you back to catch the defender off guard another good thing about it bringing you forward is if you have a Defender pressing you really up high you can potentially beat him just off this one move again you can chain a hop back to the end of it like you just seen right there or even get a Defender caught behind you again finding a spot to get a mid-range shot I am a big fan of one dribble move being effective in multiple different ways so if you haven't tried out this regular breakdown combo definitely give this one a try onto aggressive breakdown combo I've been a big fan of the Paul George aggressive breakdown combo but again if these dribbling animations do not work for you guys but we also have every single dribbling animation graded in the game over at our 2K Lab website but on the Escape moves we are using Kimo Walker you guys could also try out the treay young but I've been a big fan of this Kimo Walker Escape moves package now this Escape moves package can flow each Escape move well together but also just doing one Escape moves like to Turbo crossover as you see there we can beat our Defenders to the rainow before they have time to switch tble Walker Escape moves also has an amazing double turbo crossover often times crabbing your Defender as you can see we get the end one there onto combo moves I'm a big fan of using Pro but you could also use Stephen Curry Stephen Curry has a really nice standing combo move but pro has a really nice moving combo move on the crossover we're going to put in Kobe Bryant because these two moves work really well together and I find myself doing both of these moves coming down the court as you see we do a double Crossover with the pro combo moves leading into a Kobe Bryant crossover to beat the team to the basket onto behind the back one of the most popular moves in this year's game the Jamal Murray behind the back his standing behind the back just creates so much separation between you and your Defender this move alone by itself can get you guys open for free shots and we're still using that Penny Hardaway spin move animation as you can see here we hit him with the moving hesitation and then hit him with the penny Hardway spin move allowing us to get free to the basket speaking of hesitation we are using the Kobe Bryant hes animation and last but not least we are using the John Wall step back now John Wall gets the best snatchback and the best hop back within the game and you guys can add the snatchback or the hopback onto the end of any of the moves that we went over in today's video so if this video helped you guys out make sure you guys drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more daily 2K content like this and let us know down in the comments some dribbling animation that you guys have been fun using inside of 2K 24 that being said man it's been KOA and I'll catch you boys in the next one