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Best Dribble for 85 Ball Handle

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2K24 Best Dribble Animations for 85 Ball Handle

Video Transcript:
what's good everyone this is Koo and welcome back to another 2K Lab video now in today's video we're going over really nice animations for that 85 ball handle requirement and this will be for those Wing builds 65 to that 69 height so if you guys are ready for today's video go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this let's go ahead and get straight into it and real quick if you guys want to learn more about more animations within the game we have every single dribbling animation graded from D to a tier on our dribble grades on our NBA 2K Lab website so if you guys are curious of more dribbling animations go ahead to our website and check that out now heading into the first dribbling animation we are using Pro dribble style this is the best well-rounded dribble style in the game for those Wing players this dribble style might not have the fast speed boost like the Magic Johnson dribble style gets but it's not slow going left or right and it doesn't matter which H inti Year my player is so the big thing that Pro gets over the magic Johnson popular dribble style is you won't get that slow animation or any slow animations that will really catch you off guard and slow you down as a ball handle now moving on to the signature size up we are using de Fox which requires an 80 ball handle now if you guys don't like the wideness of his crossovers you could also use D way that also requires an a ball handle but you can see right here a quick standing size up crossover to be our Defender and then get to that free throw line now up next is the regular breakdown combo now these animations are really preference I've been having a lot of fun with Penning Hardway and I've also been using D'Angelo Russell recently and that's been a lot of fun too again these animations are graded on our website to help you guys pick which one you want but we hit a few in between the legs with the penny Hardway regular breakdown combo and then beat our Defender getting to the rim with the scoop layup now this one is a big favorite the Paul George aggressive breakdown combo I find myself using this in game now he's moving forward doing two in between the legs and then a really wide cross I like to end that really wide cross with either a snatchback or a hop back using the John Wall step back we'll go over that later but you can see we come down the court set our feet we get into the Paul George aggressive breakdown combo ended with a snatchback behind the back then we find a way to get to that free throw area where we like to score most often up next to the Escape moves now the Escape moves we don't have a lot of options for that 85 ball handle but Kevin Durant has been very solid for me he has really solid animations and we even got recently in season 3 we have Alan Iverson's Escape moves which you guys could also try that only requiring an 80 ball handle so that escape moves is anytime you're doing a crossover or a misdirection or in between the legs while holding turbo so you see we get a misdirection ction a turbo cross into another turbo cross and we get back to that free throw area up next on the combo moves pro has been really nice for me not only does it have a good standing combo move but also the moving combo move throws in a double crossover which coming down the court is really nice to have I often cross over coming down the court so Defenders aren't expecting that double crossover as we beat our Defender to the rim the help Defender helps down and we get a wide open top of the key three-point shot now like I said earlier I like to use the moving crossovers coming down the court not only do we get a fast speed boost towards the rim with this Ste and fox crossover you can also split Defenders with this crossover and get to that open spot on the court now this move is really good for just pushing the pace of the game getting the ball down the court really fast splitting Defenders and getting to that Rim now a very popular move the Jamal Murray behind the back now his standing behind the back is very very nice but his moving behind the back is kind of slow if you're more of a moving behind the back type of guy Jason Tatum and Allen Iverson are some really good options for you but just using this one move the Jamal Murray standing behind the back creates a lot of space and usually you can just get open using one move now the spin move isn't used most often because you're kind of being loose with the ball you know handling the rock but if you throw in this Penny Hardway spin move here and there you can just add one more move into Your Arsenal and catch your Defender off guard just that much more hesitation we are using a very simple move just a pro hesitation now what I like about this Pro hesitation is it's not no drawn out animation that'll like take you out of bounds or make you go too far than what you really planned on it's a very quick hesitation that just gets the job done as we add on a crossover in a scoop layup after the hesitation and last but not least the John Wall step back he has the best snatchback in the game and he has the best hop back in the game you really can't go wrong with this move only requiring an 80 ball handle and we love to add on both the snatchback and the Hop back after that Paul George aggressive breakdown combo after that third cross we do a hot back catches our Defender completely off guard leading to an open three now we hope these dribbling animations help you perform better on the court if you guys have other thresholds you guys want us to hit an 80 ball handle 75 ball handle 92 ball handle definitely let us know by leaving a like and dropping that comment down below but make sure you guys try some of these dribbl animations out as always it's been Co and I'll catch you boys in the next one