Best Build Dribble Moves in NBA 2K24 for 75 Ball Handle Rati Video

75 Ball Handle Dribble Moves

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2K24 Best Dribble Moves for 75 Ball Handle

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is COA and welcome back to another 2K Lab video now in today's video we're going to be going over our recommended dribling animations for that 75 ball handle threshold just a couple things before we get started we have posted other videos of other ball handle thresholds and for those recommended animations so definitely check those out if y'all haven't already and if the dribbling animations that we go over in today's video don't work out for you we also have every single dribbling animation graded over on our website at so check that out if you guys haven't already and with all that out the way man let's go ahead and get into to [Music] it now for dribble style we are using Pro for today's video now you can use Magic Johnson which is pretty popular in this year's game but pro has the better speed boost whenever you're going towards your ball hand so it won't slow you down just like Magic Johnson dribble style does either way you can't go wrong with either Pro or Magic Johnson dribble style for that 75 speed with ball threshold now onto size up we are using John Mor signature size up that requires a 75 ball handle now this has some really nice in between the legs and some really nice crossovers that you guys can mix into your game this size up was really popular on launch of 2K 24 and it's still one of the best size up packages that you can have overall in this year now onto regular breakdown combo this is really preference but I've been rocking with the Zack LaVine regular breakdown combo but onto aggressive breakdown combo this one is really nice that Paul George requires a 75 ball handle and this aggressive breakdown combo brings you forward a lot so if you have some step backs some snatch backs and some hop backs into your game you can really add that on to this move onto the Escape moves package we are using Kevin Durant still that requires a 75 ball handle requirement and you can even use this above 69ine now it's very fluent whenever you combo his moves together but one thing that we want to note and look at here is the speed boost that we get off of the Escape moves crossover he comes out of the turbo cross really fast and really explosive to help you guys beat your Defender onto combo moves we are using Pro and that just has a nice standing back and forth double crossover and also has a really nice moving crossover which requires a 70 ball handle onto the crossover animation we are using Zack LaVine which has a really nice push crossover into it but if you guys don't want the push crossover you can also check out Kevin Durant's drop move crossover both of them requiring just a 75 ball handle so you guys can play with both if you like as we're able to cross to the left and then spin back to the right getting that easy layup now one of the best moves that you get at a 75 ball handle is the behind the back we unlock a Jason Tatum behind the back and also Alan Iverson behind the back that isn't height cap for 64 and Below his standing behind the back is a little slow but creates a good amount of space but his moving behind the back both alen Iverson and Jason Tatum have the same moving behind the back animation as you can see right there it is explosive and creates a lot of distance between you and your Defender now if you guys are in wreck and you guys are pushing the fast break you guys can pull out this move and have a very effective move in Your Arsenal like I said this is probably one of the best moves that you guys get at that 75 ball handle and onto the spin move we are still using the pen Hardway spin move as you can see 75 ball handle and for the hesitation we are using Pro now I love to do this hesitation out of the Triple Threat whenever you guys are in a triple threat stance you can hold right trigger and then do a hesitation and run out of it you can then get a speed boost to create an open shot and we're going to get a pretty solid step back here at the 75 ball handle with the Chris Paul again not he ca for 64 and under but it is hyp capped for 610 this move gets that really good hop back animation to create a lot of space between your Defender but it also gets a really nice snatchback animation in the step back too as you can see we get our Defender with the hot back and then we get him with the snatchback in the following clip so those are going to be our recommended dribbling animations for that 75 ball handle and above if you guys haven't checked out our 85 ball handle video definitely go check that one out if you missed it as always we hope to help you guys out in this video make sure to drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this and hey I'm out