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Best 2K23 Build: 6'9 Build Guide

Video Transcript:
yep another six nine build video but you guys ran up the likes on the last video so of course I had to deliver now this is the build I've been using for all of season one and it took me a while to find a build I really liked in NBA 2k23 I spent about 300 on VC on new bills before I made this one so in order to save you guys some money I'm going to tell you everything you need to know when making a six nine from the attributes the badges and six and I've mainly been playing point guard on this build but I can play just about any position and I'm a mismatched Nightmare on both ends of the floor I'm not gonna lie I've been loving every second playing on this build because it's a legitimate do-it-all build and I can get Buckets whenever I want whether it's a deep three fading three contact dunks acrobat layups and at the same time I'm clamping on the perimeter and swatting shots at the rim no problem now I found some really good attribute thresholds at this site and because of that I'm able to optimize the rest of the attributes to fit just about any playstyle so of course I'm gonna show you my build but think of this video as more of a six nine build guide and we'll show you examples of different types of six nines later in the video but as you can see by these Clips this build has the ability to go absolutely crazy and if you're looking for a build that can do everything and you don't want to spend any more money on VC for builds and watch this entire video through and you won't regret it now if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to the channel because we're always hooking you guys up with the best stats and data and I mean if you're not subscribed you're probably shooting or at least I don't know what to tell you but with that being said let's get right into the video [Music] each of these attributes were carefully selected on this build and there's a reason for everything which I'll explain as we go through it now the main purpose of this build was to be able to do everything on the court without lacking in almost any area which is tough to do in 2K 23 but not with a six nine you can make this build at any position but I personally chose shooting guard and it even puts me at the point guard in the wreck sometimes now for the physicals I went six nine for the height of course 194 pounds for the weight seven foot one wingspan and I always go compact body style so starting with finishing I wanted to make sure I at least had Pro contacts which is 84 dunk and then gold Limitless takeoff which is 86 driving dunks so I raised my driving dunk to unlock these and then at 87 you get an extra badge point but if I were to do this over I might have tried to finesse an 88 driving dunk to unlock the Limitless MJ package but for me right now it's not a huge deal and I'm fine with 87. it's not hard to get Elite contacts either but we're making a very well-rounded build and this is all we need for this particular build next I went with the 82 driving lab which is going to unlock the Devin Booker and John marant Leia packages that John Moran has a 360 in there at the time I really just wanted to try these new packages out and you get the extra badge point at 80 layup so if you wanted to save those two extra attribute points you can do that now for close shot I was trying to find a good balance of close shot attribute and badge points so I went with the 76 which has been more than enough for me and even at 75 you unlock Silver fast twitch and this badge on the silver level is going to speed up your standing layups and dunks by about 10 now I'll be equipping this badge as soon as I pour my posterizer for standing dunk I went with a 54 which gives me a badge point and they actually trigger a decent Mount at this rating not to mention you also unlocked the Carl Malone and Draymond Green dunk Styles if that matters to you so all in all it gives me 16 finishing badge points which isn't a lot but it's actually all I need I still get to equip both of my tier 3 Badges and I personally added plus one of my extra four badge points to equip slithery on Silver Limitless takeoff on gold Fearless on Silver and then posterizer and fast switch both on Silver those are honestly the only badges I'm using when I'm trying to finish so those 16 batch points will be more than enough now for shooting I had one thing in mind and that is gold Asian three now if you don't know by now that badge works really well this year in 2k23 and it's basically a mixture of stop and pop rhythm shooter and circus threes from 2k22 all rolled into one batch so I went with an 89 three point to unlock it on the gold level and as you can see my 69 is just out here fading for no reason I probably shoot better on Fades than I do wide open jumpers and it may be because of this badge getting agent 3 on gold is going to provide a lot of forgiveness on the edges of the green window allowing for more greens when your timing is just slightly off and that is why I made 89 3-point a target for this build if you wanted less three point I would suggest going to 83 for silver agent 3 which is still going to provide a noticeable boost or going to 85 3 point for silver Limitless range we're not going to invest any in mid-range and for free throw we went to a 76 because that's what I had left and that's probably too much but in total this is going to give us 21 batch points and that was just a little too low for me personally so I added plus two badge points here just going to allow me to equip three of my tier 3 shooting badges meaning I'll be able to have silver Limitless range gold blinders and gold catch and shoot as soon as that core one now this is going to make My Player an absolute sniper from anywhere on the court and if you typically create more for yourself and you don't care for catch and shoot you could even throw on Deadeye to take risk gear and more aggressive shots so that's why I recommend putting at least two of your extra badge points into shooting so you can unlock and equip your best badges at an effective level when it comes to play making I wanted to make sure I could run point guard with this build so we definitely invested a good amount here to start I went with 85 pass accuracy and if you're tired of throwing slow passes this 85 feels so good and I'm honestly happy I have it it even unlocks Hall of Fame dimer in most of the passing Styles but with that being said it's also an area that you could lower and move these attributes somewhere else as it does cost quite a bit but for me personally I'm happy with 85 and you also unlock an extra badge point there as well then for ball handling I went Max with an 87 which is going to unlock gold clamp breaker which is definitely going to be useful when trying to get to the rim of course this is going to give us all the stakes we need and we get the extra badge point at 87 as well so that's why it's a good threshold next we have speed with ball and the highest you can get is 76 but you unlock a badge point in Michael Jordan dribble style at 75 so I just went with 75. this gives us a total of 23 finishing badges which is a good amount but I still added my last extra batch Point here for a total of 24 to give me everything I wanted now I'm sure by now you can see each category is pretty well-rounded and there's no exception for our defense so I wanted to make sure I had great permanent defense and was also able to play the lanes and some help defense now this build is solid in all areas and to start we have a 67 interior defense which is going to allow us to occasionally hold down the paint and it also unlocks a badge point I have an 88 perimeter which also unlocks a badge point but at 86 it unlocks silver clamps and Gold Challenger don't forget this stat is also tied to lateral quickness which is going to help you move quicker when going side to side for steel I went with a 78 which I know seems a little low to some people you don't really get that silver glove which is nice but I still have a 7-1 wingspan and I've honestly been going crazy with it in the lanes the plucks aren't as good but I really feel like 78 is still reading on this build is a perfectly fine threshold steel obviously weighs a good amount so this is going to allow you to spend a lot more on other attributes and now for Block we have an 81 which is fairly high but nothing crazy and while you don't unlock Silver anchor until 87 bronze anchor will still provide decent results especially if you plan on primarily using this build as a point guard if you're trying to play mainly Wing or power forwards and I would recommend trying to get at least an 87 block but for me as you can see by some of these clips I can hold my own when it comes to swatting shots in an 81 rating is more than enough you get gold chase down at 75 so you have that unlocked as well but I honestly just use the bronze level as the defensive badges are fairly limited and I still feel like bronze chase down is one of the best bronze badges in the game especially when coupled with solid block and interior defensive ratings now lastly for defense we went with a 73 rebound which is going to give us the extra badge point and if you couldn't tell I tried to base all my attributes off badge point and badge level thresholds at 70 we get bronze rebound Chaser if you cared for that but I've never used it once and I'm still having Rec games with 10 plus rebounds at the point guard or shooting guard position if you have good positioning you'll be able to snag a lot of boards and that's another reason why I love this build so much because I'm also a triple double threat at the point guard position think of players like Prime Russ Luca and Braun you'll be able to put up statlines like those guys on this build finally we have our physicals and this is one thing we try to never neglect our speed and acceleration is almost maxed for what a six nine can go to at 82 in the 80 which means this build will be flying around the court for a player This Tall on both ends of the floor I didn't put any points into strength and I honestly just don't notice much of a difference for the way I play even on defense I just don't see it being a necessary attribute for this particular build or just my play style now for vertical we went with a 75 for the pro context and lastly we have a 96 stamina since we'll need all we can get when trying to do everything on court now there you have it you have the spills build for NBA 2k23 it gets slashing shooting play making and loctake and I chose Limitless range to shoot from anywhere and then team ratings boost to increase my Play Making when I get hot now it comes out to be a two-way Inside Out score with good comps and it honestly might be one of the best builds in the game I'll go over my badge Loadout quickly and for finishing the base build has 16 finishing badges so normally I'd have slithery on Silver Fearless on bronze Limitless takeoff on gold and posterizer on Silver once I corn my posterizer though I'll equip fast twitch on Silver And since I added one of my extra badge points here I was able to upgrade my Fearless finisher to Silver I'm not too concerned with the other badges as they don't fit my playstyle and these the only ones I personally need the six nine badge tiers for finishing are actually op and it's the reason I'm allowed to equip all of these badges having only 16. for my shooting badges I'm not using too many but I am using some really good ones I added plus two of my extra badge points here in order to be able to equip three of my tier 3 badges like I mentioned before I'm using agent 3 on gold obviously in green machine on gold as well to satisfy the 10 badge points to unlock tier 3 and then from there I'm equipping silver catch and shoot and gold blinders until I'm able to core a gold tier 3 badge I have to pick and choose between Limitless range or catch and shoot but once I do I'll be able to equip gold blinders silver catch and shoot and silver Limitless range which will be a significant upgrade to my player now these badges fit my play style the best so that's why I use them I know a lot of people like space Creator and volume shooter and those are also good badges to consider but with 23 shooting badges you really can only do so much then we have our play making and we have 23 bass playmaking badges I personally added plus one extra badge Point here so I could get everything I wanted for my tier one badges I'm only using hyperdrive on Silver as that's going to help my speed when I'm attacking down the court for my tier 2 badges I have bailout on bronze which is an absolute must-have and bronze is more than enough and then of course I have quick First Step Max on gold and that right there is going to give me the 10 badge points I need to unlock my tier 3 Badges and then from there I'm going with gold clamp breaker silver handles for days in both unpluckable once I'm able to core my gold tier 3 badge I'll be able to get my hyperdrive to gold which will give me everything I want now finally we have our defensive Badges and we got 20 badges to work with and for my tier ones I have box out beasts on bronze and pick Dodger on gold since I'm mainly playing guards I like to get box out Beast higher but it's low on the priority list when it comes to my other badges six nines have great tier 2 Badges and as you can see I have Gold Challenger bronze chase down artist which works really well for me Silver clamps and then silver Interceptor which we get at 78 steel lastly I have anchor Cordon bronze which is pretty important especially when going for any type of block and even on bronze I feel like I can notice a difference when contesting shots at The Rim now that is my preferred badge Loadout that I've been using on my six nine and I really feel like I'm getting everything that I need moving on to the six I'll show you guys what I'm using and I'm not going into detail for every move but I'm I will show you a couple easy moves and tips that I use to get open now for dribble style we're equipping Michael Jordan as that's the whole reason we went with a 75 speed with ball so we can unlock this animation for our signature size up we're going with Zach Levine and this helps me get open pretty frequently and is one of the main moves I use to attack the rim or fade from 3 off a speed boost basically from a standstill just flick the right stick left or right to your off ball hand depending on which direction you want to go and then burst out of it once you get your Defender guessing it's a Snappy move that can give you some space and you can pretty much do whatever you want now next I'm using the John Wall size up escape and I'm using this for the misdirection that you get out of it it's very clean and if you don't use the misdirect you can use Paul George as his package is pretty glitchy and is pretty easy to use Donovan Mitchell for the moving crossover which is pretty good but I personally don't use it often this next move is crucial right the pro behind the back this behind the back is actually crazy for Rim running because it has such a Snappy change of direction and you can even combo it into a crazy speed boost it might just be the best behind the back for slashers now basic moving spin for the stezos spin back and for moving heavy and step back I'm using Luca doncic and after triple threat I'm using Kobe and then pastile I'm using LeBron James now when it comes to dunk packages there's a few crucial animations you'll want to make sure you have equipped starting with two foot dunks and these are the worst ones to equip but there is one gem in here that I really like and that is the clutch bass line reverses I catch so many bodies with this animation and it really feels unblockable moving on to one foot dunks and for these all I have is quick drops off one and front clutches since they trigger Limitless then for standing dunks we have 54 standing dunk rating which gives us access to the regular standing dunk packages and I just equip both of these and then we have signature dunks typically I try to keep my packages to a minimum but to get that Limitless takeoff badge to activate consistently there's a few packages that work really really well I'm personally using Scottie Pippen and LeBron James and then Clyde Drexler can also work well but he has that one animation that I hate so I personally took that one off the MJ package also works really well and it's one of the best ones but you need Ada driving dunk to unlock it which I mentioned earlier lastly you want to make sure you have every contact dunk and alley-oop equipped because longest period of time I only had one of my contact packages equipped which is obviously going to give me less chance to activate it now for the final part of this video I'm going to give you a few very unique builds that focus on different play styles for my build it's obviously very well-rounded but there's many other ways 6 9 can be effective because it is so versatile the first example I'm going to show will be the 99 dunk version of the 69 and this is something a lot of people have actually been doing lately and for good reason going to 99 dunk unlocks some of the best finishing badges in slithery and Limitless takeoff on Hall of Fame but not only that for six nines slithery is a tier one badge and Limitless takeoff is a tier 2 badge making these badge tiers extremely op and very affordable if you put in extra three badge points into your finishing you'll be able to unlock every badge that you need not only does this build have 99 dunk but you'll still be able to shoot with an 83 3 point which gives you silver agent 3 making you a viable threat to score on all three levels the playmaking is still great and with 87 ball handles you still get the gold clamp breaker which will pair perfectly with the 99 dunk the defense on this build will still be able to lock down just about any position and even and gets silver anchor with that 87 block which is a significant upgrade over the bronze level if you're looking for a versatile 99 driving dunk build this might be the one for you or if you wanted a more defensive minded power forward build that is still capable in all areas I came up with this build that checks all the boxes to wreak havoc on the defensive end you still get contacts and good ability to finish inside and you also have an 83 ball it's going to be plenty if you're spotting up and just in general playmaking is still solid and you'll still be able to unlock all the sigs I showed earlier in the video and as we get to the defense it's extremely solid in all areas and it can play one through five no problem with Ada perimeter and 99 block for Hall of Fame anchor which is a must for paint defense and not to mention the 77 wingspan is definitely going to help you as well you're getting 85 defensive rebound which unlocks silver rebound Chaser and in total you get 26 defensive Badges and this is just a template so if you want more offensive rebounder you want more strength that's completely up to you you're just gonna have to pick and choose what you want to sacrifice now for the last build we're going from Max wingspan to minimum wing span on a six nine which is going to give us us a Max 3-point rating of 93 which is just enough for Hall of Fame catch and shoot now this is obviously the sharp shooting variant of the build template I just went over and we recommend a minimum of 92 three point at least for gold Limitless range but since we're so close we might as well go to 93 for that extra badge point and badge unlocked we really didn't sacrifice much in other areas besides rebounding while playmaking and finishing Still Remains strong with gold clam breaker and contact dunks and even MJ's Limitless package now look there is countless ways to make any type of six nine you want but I just wanted to show a few examples of different things you can do with these builds now this was a long video so if you made it this far I want you to comment your builds height down below and maybe we'll do another build guide in the future now thank you guys for watching it's spill and I'm out later