NBA 2K24 Best Build Guide: How to Make 3 & D Guard Build on Video

NBA 2K24 Best Build Guide 3 and D

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NBA 2K24 Best 3 and D Build Guide

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is kza and welcome back to another 2K Lab video now in today's video I'm going to be showcasing my newest 3 andd guard build now this build can be a perfect build for someone looking to play good defense but also be a playmaking sharpshooter on the other end so go ahead and drop a like on today's video subscribe to the channel for more daily 2K content like this let's go ahead and get into [Music] it now starting off with the shooting we're getting 97 3point rating that's going to give us gold agent 3es Hall of Fame blinders gold Dead Eye and gold Limitless range now in our test results that we posted here on YouTube Gold agent 3es is significantly better than silver agent 3s so if I wanted to be a sharpshooter and take those tough shots that my team sometimes need in game I can take those tough Fade Away three-point shots with the gold agent 3 badge available it also helps whenever you fade in your lethal Zone to get that boost as we shown those test results Here Again on YouTube so on top of the 973 point with gold agent 3es we also get Hall of Fame blinders gold Dead Eye and Limitless range and a ton more of Hall of Fame shooting badges including catch and shoot and Claymore so if we are spotting up off ball we can have the highest chance possible to make that shot we also get gold mini magician and the 80 free throw for silver fre points badge and the biggest takeaway here is at that 97 three-point threshold where we get Hall of Fame blinders unlocked you can see some of the crazy shots that I'm shooting here are registering as open shots we did miss out on the 98 3point rating unlocking Hall of Fame dead ey but again our test show that we have here on YouTube that gold dead ey is that sweet spot that we want to aim for and we actually saved a lot of room in the Builder settling for the 97 three-point rating over that 98 three-point rating so I feel we did really well in the shooting category on this build but now on to defense 87 perimeter defense we get that big Gold Challenger badge as well as silver clamps silver ankle braces silver fast feet and silver pick Dodger and we also grabbed up that 91 steel rating for Gold Glove gold Interceptor and gold right stick Ripper now this build is a turnover forcing machine and it compliments our shooting so well because after we force that turnover we can then get a three-point shot on The Brak break not only does it play on ball well with the gold glove gold right stick Ripper and silver clamps but we also have that gold Interceptor if we're playing off ball we can play those passing lanes and after we force that turnover we have the opportunity in this build to create our own shot on the fast break and the defense on this build has been really fun as you see we make this man gray out in the proam and then pull the fast break three-pointer so with the elite Sharp Shooting and the elite perimeter defense skills we're on to ball handling now ball handle we went with 86 that's going to give a silver Blow by silver handles for days silver Speed Booster and silver unpluckable as well as the Kimo Walker Escape moves package and we even get gold ankle breakers so sometimes we can catch the defender's ankles whenever we're handling the Rock and if you guys have been keeping up with the channel we have been posting the best animations for every ball handling attribute so you guys can go out and cook no matter which ball handling you have now we went 73 passing accuracy to snag up that silver dimer this is a nice badge to have because they'll start prioritizing you on the fast break and whenever they prioritize you after you've hit so many threes you can then make that passing play now onto the finishing category we went with the 74 driving layup that's going to give us badges like gold Giant Slayer and gold Pro Touch and for driving dunk we went with 36 now this is the lowest attribute threshold that you actually unlock a dunk package and you'd be surprised we can actually dunk on the fast break with a 36 driving dunk but we're mostly going to lean on the standing dunk which is a 73 standing dunk just enough to get bronze fast twitch and if you guys don't know by now standing dunk is actually really cheap in the Builder but not only is it really cheap you guys can get some really nice standing dunk animations on a low attribute rating standing dunk has became very useful this year in NBA 2k 24 if you make this build exactly like how I made it you will get the name 3 and D point if you guys make it at shooting guard you guys will get 3 and D2 guard but you guys should always be tweaking these builds to have them best fit you guys and your play style so that is it for today's video go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel for more daily 2K content like this and as always it's Beena and I'm out