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NBA 2K24 2KTV Season 10 Episode 5

Video Transcript:
what's good it's ly AKA Ley Genai your favorite sneaker head gamer and you know we're here with 2K [Music] [Applause] TV welcome to an all new episode of NBA 2K TV this week we're jumping right in with your awesome plays we're talking about assists watch and learn Chris come on now throw some thr a little bit little [Applause] bit stop on a dime because we're about to drop some I'm Sacramento King's PA announcer Scott mooch and I give my kingdom a great pass on top plays this week we're featuring your top assists pass them to me all right we're in the wreck with o triple tray protects the paint on that dunk and then sends get this an 80ft bounce pass for the layup wow earning that takeover A+ grade and blue flame I'm fired up next play next up is there go Brean out on the break dropping the behind the back bouncer to the jam it's a relay pass threading the needle all in one fluid motion Sensational setup rolling over to King Retro 5 cuts through the back door to drop off a package squeezes through a double Loop gets assist 13 going right in between the Block is Hot closes out today all right snatches a game saving block then as if that's not enough inbounds an alleyoop to win the game absolutely commanding the victory impressive but is it impressive enough to win pass on three and slam home your winner tough choice want to be featured on top plays well send in your best on social media use the hash 2ktv wow and your Gamertag until next week I'm rearranging the studio building a fort from the sofa cushions got to find a lantern to light the beam up in here see [Applause] you in the city the big question has been rise or Elite what's the best affiliation the answer is so obvious Elite and that's my unbiased opinion to truly answer this question we're tracking performance and various events throughout each season of NBA 2K 24 for season 1 we're following strikeout cage match top five and the 2K League become a pro 5v5 events if your affiliation has the highest win percentage at the end of the season you'll earn a rep boost and access to an exclusive theater option that Awards a 20% rep boost so far Elite is boasting a 62% win percentage while rise is at 58% M don't you love the sound of that Alexis I really don't and if you're on team rise like myself neither do you it's time to rise to the occasion because we need more wins nice try Alexis but I think this one is all but over we'll have another update after season 1 wraps with a list of top performers so stay tuned for that and in the meantime keep it up up Elite go rise the 2K league is searching for draft prospects and you could be one of them the 5v5 become a pro series is going live in game next week and 3v3 Series starts on October 21st it's an event that gives you the opportunity to earn rewards and the Ultimate Prize eligibility to enter the 2024 season draft pool that sounds pretty great so in preparation we thought who better to bring on than the reigning 5v5 Champions Warriors gaming Squad we brought them together to give you all some tips on how to become a pro check it out JP picking hairry up there it is they will hold on to this one NBA 2K League champions Warriors gaming Squad all right today we're joined by the defending season six NBA 2K League champions we're joined by all the members and their coach so I'm going to introduce everyone roll out the red carpet for the Champs we're joined by nay Kenny got work what's good Mama I'm that man ciz cb13 and Coach Mike AKA Mike Che how you doing yo I'm doing good I'm doing good thanks for having us all right so you guys hoisted up the Trophy last season in the NBA 2K League how's it feel what's the championship life been like for you guys it feels great great being a champion I think a lot of us have been in this league for a while and we've just been chasing that elusive Championship I know me personally this is my fifth season and two other guys on the team uh in their six so I think I mean it's a new feeling obviously and it just feels great it's been a long journey and only one of us has been blessed enough to win two uh C's over there he's he he's had uh he's had the easy Journey but for us oh and nay nay's a first year one hit wonder so well not hopefully not a one hit wonder but hopefully we can continue to win but um for me Kina and Kenny it's been a long journey I mean I always knew I was a champion at hard but to actually get that get that ring just to show that validation it means a lot and as you guys approach season 7 have you began planning how you're going to tackle next season I feel like everyone on this team is really locked in wants to win again uh this is like the most connected uh people I've ever played with like people who really just want to win and be the greatest so there's way more money we can win now we know what it takes to win and I feel like that's going to help us a lot for next season we know our standards we know what it's going to take coach all these players have these great stories how they got to this point to becoming a champion give some advice for new players wanting to be part of the become a pro series to maybe like nay did become a champion yeah it's a standard right so every team has different needs um personally I think the standard for me is just and they're super cliche but just being direct a hard worker someone who's willing to come in every day um with a positive attitude but also ready to adapt um you may come in thinking that you're going to play point guard and you may end up at power forward so just being mature and being ready for a long season and being able to adapt what do you think organizations are looking at in terms of players competing on specific type of builds what kind of builds should they make what are you looking for as a coach you need to do your research on what teams need right so you know there's a couple of point guard spots so it it'll be very tough to get in as a point guard um but you know maybe like power forward or lock Fields that's something more you know you might have a better chance of getting in at so just really focusing on team needs and going from there and then for the players in this become a pro series is there anything out there you're seeing in 24 that you would give advice to new players yeah I think uh I definitely would suggest if you're a shooting guard to go on to a 66 shooting guard I feel like they're definitely Making Waves right now throughout the community as being like the best shooting guard build uh small forward probably like 67 68 with a good amount of standing dunk I've competed against some of y'all and it didn't go go very well for me I'll let you guys talk about it what's the level of competition like in the league I think the difference between a great player on 2K compared to a league Pro I think it's the mentality of it all they come in and they have a ton of skill but they don't really have the mental side of it all and that's where they crumble I feel like the great players such as the guys that's on this car they're they're doing it consistently so consistency is the biggest thing to me who's the best trash talker on the team that's that's that's one of those where we don't even need to answer the question we all put the screen and not our heads okay what's what's the psychology into Trash Talk CU you know I'm getting beat up by some like six-year-olds out here I need to I need to up my trash talk game my advice is just you got to talk trash about something that they wouldn't expect you to talk trash about so like it could be whether their dribblings bad whatever the case may be but he'll just throw him so off just be like why is he attacking this he just got him where he want I'm good I ain't watching nothing that's what I thought so we kind of use that tactic in the league but for this playoff run I was pretty direct so it worked out in our favor all right cb13 you've been with this Warriors franchise for a long time talk about that moment when you knew the buzzer sounded and you were a champion for this franchise it took five long years to win this championship for this team there's been a lot of people that have come in and out of this organization some really good players so for Rustin Mike uh Josiah a bunch of the people that have been here the whole time it really was a full circle for us we finally won the championship we actually lost to uh wisd G the first time I was in the finals and we won the championship in their uh home arena in District D in Washington DC so Rustin he's trusted me since I was 18 years old now I'm sitting here 23 as a champion so completely different person now and um it it's just been really special to be with the same team so and Kenny for you you were competing in competitive tournaments before the 2K League was even conceived what has it been like for you to watch the competitive scene grow from proam all the way to playing for a professional team and winning the title I'm one of the older guys in the league and I I still feel like I If not the best like I'm I'm still there first started with the the pram tournament for the um when you flying guys out to like New Orleans and to the allstar game and things like that to be here now to to be getting paid um professionally and I can't even explain but it just feels good C should I say you seiz the day not once but twice two rings under your belt are you as hungry as you were before you won your first one I feel like I'm going to be one of the best players to ever touch the 2K League when it's all said and done so no one has three rings in this league so just being able to maybe possibly threep in this league I'm just ready to get um next season started to be honest nay describe more about sitting there as a prospect somebody who wanted to enter the league and then the kind of work that you put in through the become a pro series and your skill to get to this moment I just I work my butt off went to School came home played the game for hours and hours until I felt like I finally got to that point started playing for a lot of money went to these land events you know to show people that I could really do this um I played great in both modes and then I got my opportunity and you know once I got in the league to win a ring in my first year was just was a blessing Mama I'm that man I think it's time to change your name to Mama I'm that mvp what did it feel like to win Finals MVP for both yourself and your teammates out there wasn't really focused on that to be honest with you but it was more so about the ring when getting that ring meant the absolute world to me I mean I've been fighting that for that for a long time the emotion sunk in really right after that buzzer sounded well congratulations and continued success next season fellas can't wait to see what this franchise does in season 7 thanks so much for joining us here on 2ktv thank you for having us appreciate it appreciate [Applause] it welcome back to expert tips I'm Mike Wang gameplay director for NBA 2K and today I'm talking about passing in NBA 2k 24 the best teams are the ones that share the basketball and make the defense work on every possession here are the basics to throw a normal chest pass press the pass button press the bounce pass button when you want to thread the needle through traffic and if you want to pass the ball high into the post or over a wall of Defenders press the lob button tap bounce pass twice for a flashy pass and if you want to leave a teammate to the basket press and hold the lob pass button to make your receiver cut to the rim and then Gordon with the dun now when you're ready to start using some Advanced passing options try messing around with receiver control by default pressing and holding the bounce pass button will make the receiver you're pointing the left stick at perform a quick V cut to shake off their Defender and try to get open away from the ball when they're open release the bounce pass button to pass them the ball but you can change the receiver control option under controller settings to perform other actions besides the get open pass setting it to handoff pitch pass will make the receiver you're pointing at come to the ball for an easy handoff and setting the option to full receiver control will give you full control to move the selected receiver anywhere you want basically allowing you to control two players at once receiver control is a great tool that basically lets you run mini plays to generate more movement off ball and free of your teammate another useful option is the give and go press and hold the normal pass button and keep it held when the receiver catches the ball then use the left stick to get yourself open when you're ready to get the ball back let go of the pass button if you want a little more Precision beyond the left stick in selecting your receivers hold the right bumper and pick the icon of the player you want to pass to oh and again it's the Jazz from if you find that your opponents are predicting your passes too well and you're committing too many turnovers try using the fake pass command by pressing the bounce and Lead pass buttons together at the same time this might throw off the defense lead to bad steel attempts and give your teammates an open Lane to the basket you can also try mixing in some jump passes by pressing the shot and regular pass buttons together at the same time these passes can be risky if thrown over long distances but can be tougher to intercept if used in the right situations when you've got a teammate with an open Lane cutting to the rim double tap the lob pass button to throw an alyu the receiver will need to press the shot button when the alute meter is full to finish off the play try running some scrimmages in 2ku to get comfortable with the different passing options and settings before taking on live competition don't forget to send your best assist to # 2ktvwow for a chance to be featured on 2K TV I'll see you on the next edition of expert tips today Chris and I are in studio talking about builds and joining us is former NBA 2K League champ bear to Beast we are so excited to have you back on the show today we're talking about build so tell tell us about yours PG is uh got a 6-2 build and if if anybody's been playing a with with a small guard or or your teammate with a small guard you know the small guards are they out here fighting for the life so I have more of a you know shoot the shoot the ball from deat type build and and cap pass a little bit more the quick drops are going so I'm not dunking as much tacking the midrange but small type of PG all right bear so people are still labbing the game trying to figure out how to make the best builds what would be some of your top tips to new players coming in or maybe experienced veterans to making their new builds got you so for me uh talking to the community is always figure out if you're on a squad try to everybody build something that's going to help the team succeed if you're not on the squad then you're running solo so then build the best possible build that can kind of do everything so you don't want you want to go a lot of gold B you don't want anything too high too extreme because it's going to knock so much more of your attributes so you want to figure out you know what's your purpose going to be and then you want to start the the biggest tip I can give you do not waste do not waste your attribute points so if if let's say 90 whatever 93 or or let's say 75 gets you clps bronze I'm not going to go 76 because 76 doesn't get me anything so make sure every Point gets you something towards your badges and and and we just call them you know the thresholder always play with the thresholds and that's probably the two biggest tips I can give you I'm going the tallest I am going to be a center for this season's 2K TV versus the world so what would you recommend for a center build o okay you go with a a big player that's interesting I would say for actually just who I hope a really good Center yesterday and he had 99 off the rebounds so whatever you do go get 99 offensive rebound cuz your teammates going to do a lot of missing going to do a lot of missing and and that's what you going to be there for and then don't worry about close shot stand dunk up vertical up and after that your back can't go wrong get you some passing too get you a little passing in there but 99 offensive rebound and and your bill is going 71 that's the preference so bear I first started off as a 65 shooting guard and I was posting Clips like crazy on social media and everybody was asking what build are you using LD cuz you're doing all this crazy stuff out there and believe it or not it was a template build Austin Reeves the only thing that I changed on the build was shooting with my left hand so that Austin Reeves template build is absolutely disgusting for anybody that wants to live in the mid-range talk a little bit about not only that template build but how important the mid-range is this year in 2K 24 the the mid-range is crazy this year it's absolutely insane I don't know what fck what percent they they moved up on the be range but if you attack the M you you're going to be a bucket get for sure and the other build that I'd like to share the one that I've moved to I created a 68 3 andd player who can shoot the three ball hit the mid-range and also lock down the court one through five bear you see my build right here talk about how important these Defenders are this year in the game yeah the Defenders are like the last couple 2ks the dhead PG was that was the that was the guy that was the girl to go to give him give her the ball and you're good to go you're Golding if there was a monster you're winning this year if you're locked down or you're back in if they can produce stops steals plugs you you're good you're not going to lose so the lock is probably one of the most important positions on the game now and I did see your build I've seen it a couple things that would have changed but I'm not going to say say too much you said it was one through five so we going to let you rock we going to let you rock the become a pro 5v5 event is coming up what advice do you have for those participating you're going to throw you in there it's going to be a random teammate so just play good basketball good 2k basketball don't look to go in there and hey I'm about to score 80 if you get hot go crazy if not just make the right play make the right reads be a good teammate and the winning percentage actually helps you out a lot people want winners so when you go in there yes you do want to have great stats but you want to win as well so you got to do both of them so bear with the wreck this year you can actually go in as a squad like you've been able to in the past but now you can also go into solo wreck which might be a similar kind of feel to what this become a pro series is going to be do you think it's advantageous to go into solo wreck with their builds and get a feel for playing with new players and not knowing how they play with teammates exactly so that's actually that's actually like really smart to do that's a a good key point so um before when I had to do the combine a couple years back that's what I would do I would I wouldn't go in with my squad or my team anymore I would stop moving with them I would actually go into the rec solo and just hope to get as many random teammates as possible just to try to win ball games with a with a different group of people try to develop that chemistry right off the rip in the first second quarter and it's uh that's that's actually a really good tip energy and and you know playing as a team people don't think it's a it's a value aspect to it but it's it's huge it's actually huge if you come in with a great attitude and and have uh Positive Vibes I promise you it it's going to go a lot smoother than if you took the opposite approach well thank you so much this has been really enlightening I love talking builds we'll see you next time bear thank y'all so much for having me yall have a great day take care bear for more NBA 2K action follow us on social media we're at NBA2K or2k TV follow until next time enjoy the game and go