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NBA 2K24 2KTV Season 10 Episode 3

Video Transcript:
hey I'm Kate Cunningham you're watching NBA 2K TV [Music] [Applause] welcome to an all new episode of NBA 2K TV many of you may be a little sleep deprived by now I know my co-host here came into the studio with some bags under his eyes from playing so much 2K I have some cream for that I could use it all because we're out there getting winds and you know where your sleep deprived Journey Begins at in the my career mode and this year the mode is deep so we decided to invite producer Ben Bishop into the studio for his Insight on all the NBA 2K 24 my career mode has to offer check it out [Applause] there goes MP the most hyped Prospect since LeBron James Ben I'm so excited about this mode welcome to 2K TV thank you I'm excited about it too I can't wait to see people starting to play alright so the fans are gearing up jumping in my career talk about how you start as a generational Prospect MP comes from a family who has a legacy in the NBA his dad and his grandfather both played and they're really looking at at MP to take that family Legacy and and bring it to the next level you'll actually get some flashback scenes with his family right you get to go back and step into the shoes of your dad and your granddad and experience some of those older eras and you know get a sense for what their Journey was like a little bit that helped shape who MP is in the current day I love that and of course the goal for fans is to become the goat greatest of all time so what does that entail exactly this year we brought back an old my career concept of key games where you can focus on playing important games over the course of the season and you know only a handful each year versus every single one and that will let you move through Seasons more quickly with the goal of you know like you said trying to become the goat we have a full goat tier menu you can look at that will show you you know moving your way up that list and trying to chase the guys up at the top Jordan LeBron Kobe let's say you break Stephen Curry's three-point record in the NBA right like what's that reaction going to be like from the crowd and the announcers and stuff is that going to be recognized yeah we try you know we've seen lots of that stuff recently we you know stuff that you mentioned LeBron breaking the all-time scoring record recently and so we have similar moments that you get to experience with your my player where we'll you know we'll stop the play on the court to do an interview we'll have a ton of press conference coverage afterwards we have a couple of different fictional podcasts that are in the game where they're talking to the fans about what you've done and how good you are and where they feel you have moved on that list of goat players MP has outperformed him and it's not particularly close so you're getting all sorts of feedback along the way helping to highlight how good you're doing MP's going beyond the moon man we going to Infinity so as you're ranking up and going towards that goat level you'll actually get some perks for my career NBA games yeah so basically you can kind of think of it as being able to shift into goat mode for a little while so if you're playing the game a certain way to your strengths then you get extra bonuses that really help you um you know show the other team who's boss and another three for Houston with great touch from Deep so I noticed when fans were creating their builds they couldn't choose body types and I think one common theme I've seen in the game this year is you have to put in the work right you have to go get your body stronger in the gym and then come in and play these NBA games yeah you can go into the gym and work on things that include body type so bulking up and we have you know other things too like you know in the past you've been able to work with Chris Brickley he's there lethal shooter is in the game this year too I'll help you establish hot zones all over the course sound good to me you know obviously your focus is on playing these NBA games but I'm going to practice and working out in the gym and improving your skills and improving your body type are all things that can help you get to that you know top of the go tier even faster so in between my career games players will spend a lot of time in the locker room talk about this I guess Hub area for for my players yeah there's there's always something happening there whether it's you know an interview with reporters after a game before games often your coach will have something for you to work on and some specific things for key games you know and you know like you remember in the past too it's a place where you can decide which uniform you want to wear you know change your clothes there's little things happening in the background that are fun you'll see 2K TV on the TV sometimes there'll be you know information on your your next opponent um information sometimes on your stats and what what you've been doing good lately so it's always a good place to kind of check in and get a sense for where everything is at going into the next game so for new fans jumping into my career explain how quests help you in your my career and in the city obviously there's a lot of people who have played the game for years and they know how to jump right in and do their thing but for newer players it can be a little bit overwhelming so it's super useful to watch the quest Journal watch those notifications that come up that tell you you know what your important main quest is at the moment and just kind of follow along and I think you'll be on your way to God in no time you guys have really done a great job of streamlining stuff so when you go into the city you're not going to be sitting behind quest after quest right there's a lot of optional quests now to do stuff to further Advance your career welcome to the team bro you our Elite now you know it's really just all there for when you want to do it and if you want to do it so maybe you just want to keep playing NBA games all day long maybe you just want to play games in the city that's fine but there's nothing stopping you from doing what you want and so we really wanted you to have more flexibility and more freedom to play basketball the way you want to play basketball now another mode Ben that I'm super pumped about is starting five I know the fans are gonna love this and it's very similar to my career games yeah that's a new mode for us this year and I really like it because it feels like a little bit of a bridge between playing my career NBA games and playing against other you know human players in the city and so what you get to do with that mode is you take your my player you pick an NBA team your player gets added to that team and you go head-to-head against another player who gets added to their team of choice and you just play a normal NBA games I think to me it's a mode that's really fun because maybe you know you're playing on a particular team in your NBA career but in this mode you can pick anyone you want and try out some different fits and then get a little taste of that head-to-head online gameplay and talk a little bit about Streetball because I know this is a big one for us I know fans are super pumped after seeing the trailers [Applause] we have a kind of a cast of very unique opponents with very specific skills that are much more of you know a street ball type of play versus you know normal NBA play so you know there are players like for example that shoot threes all the time or just all they do is dunk or super intense Defenders and it's kind of up to you to figure out how to take them out and as you play against those players and beat them you then get to sort of recruit them to to join your team and there are some extra perks and rewards you can earn too by playing through those games well Ben thanks for coming on 2ktv once again and breaking down my career I know the fans are super pumped for this year thank you I'm always happy to be here all right you gonna reach the goat uh I think I will I think I will I think you can too I have faith I don't know I'm still in the next here I got a long way to go we gotta climb baby we gotta climb high Expert Tips welcome to expert tips I'm Mike Wang gameplay director for NBA 2K here to share some expert tips for shooting in NBA 2K 24. first the basics you can press the shot button or use the pro stick for jumpers layups and dunks with the shot meter set to on and settings you'll see the shot meter fill up as you begin to shoot you'll have to release your shot when the meter is completely filled for a perfect green release the best way to master shooting is just lots of reps so jump into 2ku from the play now menu and just get up a ton of shots once you've got it down try turning your shot meter off in the controller settings menu and just base your release off the visual cues in the shot animation this will actually make your green window larger and make you a better shooter in the long run you can also tweak the shot timing visual cue controller setting option to set the ideal release point that works best for you jump is the point where your player's toes leave the floor set point is when the ball is raised up above the head before the shooting motion begins push which is the default setting is when the shooting motion is underway and the ball is being pushed forward and release is the point just before the ball leaves the shooter's hand one last tip for jumpers make sure to explore the different shot animations available in the animation store to find the shot you're most comfortable with and make sure you pay attention to the shot attribute grades obviously the more A's and a pluses you can get the better higher release height will help you shoot over defenders higher release speed will let you get shots off before the defense even gets there higher defensive immunity will reduce the effect that shotkey tests have against you and higher timing stability will reduce the timing variability your shot will have based on fatigue and defensive pressure now shifting gears into scoring at The Rim you can move the pro stick diagonally up left or right to control the direction of your layups it's important to use the hand that's furthest away from the interior Defenders to avoid getting your shot blocked the same directional control can also determine which hand you attempt to dunk with when driving and holding the Sprint trigger if you need to get a layup off quick or want to throw off the timing of the shot blockers hold the pro stick left or right for a quick scoop layer or down for a high Arcane floater if you have a single Defender to beat TOP Step Spin and eurolabs are great tools to have in your bag for hop steps hold Sprint and move and hold the pro stick down left or right Euros can also be triggered the same way only without holding the Sprint trigger and spin layups can be performed by twirling and holding the pro stick if you have a great dunker and want to put the other team on a poster you can force aggressive contact dunks on a drive by holding Sprint moving the pro stick up quickly then moving and holding down or flicking down then holding up when the dump meter is full release the pro stick to neutral to finish off your highlight reel dump the prostate dunk mapping is also slightly different this year holding down on the pro stick will give you flashy dunks like earlier 2ks because in NBA 2k 24 you cannot force a rim hang from any two-hand dunk by simply keeping the Sprint trigger held when he gets the rim you can even move the left stick to control the momentum of your swing and move the right stick up to pull yourself up on the rim just don't hang too long or you'll be called for a tech that's about it for the shooting Basics so good luck getting those buckets and I'll see you next time foreign Salary Cap let's talk about the newest multiplayer mode in my team salary cap every season a salary cap will be broken up into two three-week rounds and each one will have a different salary limit for lineups rewards and leaderboards salary cap games also feature a brand new format the first half is six minutes long and you'll want the biggest lead possible because in the second half 24 points will be added to the leading scorer and then the race is on the first one to reach the target score wins the game [Music] [Applause] Squad Friends there's a new way to connect to friends and Squad up in NBA 2k 24 on next-gen press both shoulder buttons on your controller to bring up a menu to see who's online and manage your squad and Friends you'll see four tabs and it's pretty easy from there right Chris oh yeah on the first tab you can interact with a list of online players next tab shows incoming requests from others on the third tab you can search for a friend's gamer tag and you'll see a list of your 2K friends the fourth tab with the controller icon lets you set your privacy options for voice chat in-game invites and friend requests it's all right there nice plus if you want to interact with people you meet with just click on the right stick and a list of options will pop up to get going even faster whether you're playing with your usual squad or making new friends it's always a good time to connect with others in NBA to K24 we've been watching your plays and I will say 2K 24 is off to an impressive start the community is bringing it so you know what that means it's time for top plays we've selected our first four contenders and now it's up to them to vote on which one will take home the honor of becoming the first top play of the week so get ready to vote here's Sacramento Kings PA announcer and our dear friends Scott moak with the call [Applause] Top Plays thank you hey thanks Alexis hello 2K TV fans welcome to the first edition of top plays in NBA 2k 24. wow all right Scott moak here public address announcer of your Sacramento Kings here's the first vote of 2K TV season 10. all right option A from Mamba Moments by Mario 1990. all right Kobe Bryant slices into the lane and posterizes Doug Christie that's a rough wow all right moments later intercepts the ball and then sledgehammers the law Doug Christie didn't deserve that at all on to the next play over in the neighborhood Adam 82.99 is in the wreck Corner Jay well it's a Miss but this put back is pure Bliss A is for Adam and D is for dunk and put him on the ground hey he's dead let's move along to the wreck in the city with B Rose two anticipates the corner pass and then takes it full court for the self-lob throwing the ball off the glass with the right slamming it down with the left great reflexes thank you closing up shot with King 23 Showtime with 8.7 left on the clock gets the game-tying assist and their team steals the ball time for the big shot moves right and Fades green game over this one's over and so is top ones time to vote for your favorite play choose now but think it through we're on the lookout for your best plays send them to us on social using the hashtag 2ktv wow along with your Gamertag you might be featured right here on 2K TV see you next week for more I've gotta run I'm redesigning my build for my career stay out of the paint it's all mine if you aren't already you should be following us on social media that's right we're always adding more content and that's where you can find out who got the most votes for top play of the week check back every Thursday because that's when we post the winner every single week and we put them in the running for top play of the season so be sure to check us out we're at NBA2K underscore 2K TV until then enjoy the game let's go rise Elite