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NBA 2K24 Best Dribble Sigs

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody welcome back to another 2K Lab video we all know that the dribbling animations that you guys have equipped could be the difference from you feeling slow or explosive so in today's video we're hooking youall up with the recommended dribbling animations for those tall guards out there 65 to 68 adding these offensive weapons to your bag could make your Duffy just that much deeper so if youall Ready for today's video go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this let's go ahead and get into it [Music] for our premium members you guys have a lot of opportunities on our website we have multiple tools to help you guys get better at dribbling the rock one of my favorite tools are these dribble grades we have tested every single dribbling animation in the game so if you guys are looking to change your animations and looking for a refreshment and gameplay definitely go check this out and see the most explosive moves in the game first things first we are using Pro dribble style it's the most well-rounded dribble style for those taller ISO guards out there now Magic Johnson is a very popular dribble style for his really fast cross launch animation the pro dribble style has a lot better speed boost to the ball hand and has a way better blowout dribble onto the size up we're recommending Dwayne Wade now this size up is really nice for flowing moves together now de Fox is another very popular size up to use or his really fast animation so that's never a bad option either as you can see as we showcase Dwayne Wade sides up here how fluently he dribbles and flows moves together while he's chaining together multip size Up animations now the breakdown dribbles can be really preferenced but the regular breakdown dribble that I've been having a lot of fun with is that Penny Hardway animation you can see that it's nothing flashy but it threatens the defender cuz we can both explode out of this move to the left or to the right with that Pro dribble style animation now this is a big favorite the Paul George aggressive breakdown combo he does a couple in between the legs and another cross and if you actually do a snatchback out of the second or third move into the combo it can really have your Defender looking silly and as we move on to to the Escape moves my favorite by far is the Kimo Walker now Kimo Walker has an amazing turbo crossover to where you could speed boost to the opposite direction with that Pro durbal style and again creating a lot of times an open shot opportunity using Tim Hardway for the combo moves he has a really nice moving combo move but he does have a higher requirement of that 90 ball handle and you guys could always use de and fox with his double behind the back animation or crossover kobby Bryant is by far my favorite it is very very fast and it can beat Defenders consistently as you can see in this clip here we fake going left and then cross over having our Defender left all the way at the three-point line onto the Jamal Murray behind the back a very popular animation in more competitive play game modes like proam while his moving behind the back isn't the best but his standing behind the back creates a lot of Separation often times leading to a wide openen three-point shot opportunity one move that you guys don't see being used often is the moving spin now Penny Hardway has a really nice moving spin animation as you guys can see in this clip here we fake going to the left hit him with a moving spin into the scoop layup not a move that's often used but when it's pulled off correctly can look very very clean for the hesitation we recommend the Kobe Bryant hesitation animation and for the step back we're ultimately using John Wall now John Wall not only gets the big hopback animation as you can see here the Kobe Bryant hesitation into the crossover into the John Wall hopback not only does the John Wall step back get the hopback animation he also gets the really good snatchback animation giving you multiple weapons to use in your Duffy to create an open shot that is going to wrap it all up for today's video If you guys enjoy videos like this let us know by dropping a like subscribing to the channel and commenting down below always remember guys if these animations aren't your preferred animations we have every animation graded on our premium side of our website and even if you guys aren't premium members there's a ton of free content not only here on the YouTube but also on a tool section on our website like I said that's going to wrap it all up for today's video it's been CA and I'll catch you on the next one