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NBA 2K24 How to Shoot Compared to 2K23

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome to 2K lab today we're going to talk green windows in 2K 24 now if you're struggling shooting this year compared to last year that's actually not totally your fault this is because the green window has changed a lot this year and I'm going to give you all the cool information we have found so far so if you want more stats on badges jump shots and even tools to help you make your builds make sure to come to all year long so here's a 2K 24 green window now we're also going to show you the 23 one but let's focus on this one first before we compare the two now on the x-axis you have the milliseconds and on the y- axis you have to make percentage now as you can see here this jump shots screen window starts at 605 and ends at 635 which gives it a green window size of 30 milliseconds and it Peaks at 625 so that's the point where it gets the highest make percentage now we took the exact same jump shot and put it in the 2K 23 calculated its green window and that's being represented by the red line you see here and as you can see the 2K 23 green window is much bigger with a size of actually 40 9 milliseconds compared to the 30 milliseconds of 2K 24 and another key note the 2K 23 jump shot screen window actually starts at 501 Mills and ends at 550 but we had it lined up here just so you can see the discrepancy in size so this is kind of like a double whammy situation for the 2K 24 green window not only does it start slower it is also smaller and one more key thing about the 2K 24 green window is that we have started to notice that the badges this year have been increasing the green window size by a little bit which they did not do in 23 so that's kind of kind of like an interesting new element and could be a Saving Grace because you see how small the green window is now but badges do increase it by a little bit but we'll definitely need more testing and more concrete results before we start to show you guys exactly what that difference and how much of that increase is so hopefully this helped you out and if you enjoy content like this please add us a like and as always if you want more information on 2K just come to our website and you'll find plenty more of tools and information that will help you out and thank you for coming by I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon