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Video Transcript:
what is good guys it is Spill here and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video we're going to be taking a look at the top five day one builds that I made in NBA 2k 24. before we go further into the video guys real quick I just wanted to let you know that these builds are not meant to be copied and more so to be used as templates and advice to make your own build now I was making all of these Builds on our premium stream on the website and I didn't even get to play the game because I was so locked on the Builder I feel like there's a lot of good information here to help you guys reduce your mistakes on your day one build this video should have something for every position so make sure to stay tuned if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe and without further Ado let's get right into it [Music] now I have a build for each position in this video but for right now we're going to start with point guard and work our way up to centers so for the point guard we have a six to 166 pounds with a 611 wingspan we're gonna go Max wingspan because that's what we need uh for the shooting threshold here we get a 91 midi which is going to give us the badges we need you could also go for a 90 midi 2 which I believe is going to give you gold Dead Eye but for now I'm just gonna let you guys know this build is strictly an offensive point guard build so don't expect much defense on this a lot of the builds after this one will have a ton of Defense starting with the close shot here we have a 71 close shot which is going to give us that bronze pass twitch I think this was just something I bumped up a couple of attribute points just to find that threshold which might work out in the close shot with Kyrie another one we got 91 layup which is going to give you the gold slithery along with the other gold badges that you need you get Hall of Fame acrobat as well now since we're going Kyrie it's going to be a 91 mid-range right this is going to give you that Hall of Fame guard up I don't know if you want that if you want that you go 91 if not you can at least go for the 90 for gold Dead Eye this is also something to like I said this is gonna be a Kai rebuild so we gave a mid-range if you didn't want the mid-range you could definitely go a little bit lower on that to get other things that you want now the 86 three point is going to give you that silver agent here 80 free throw you know this is up to you but you get the silver free points badge if you wanted it to knock down those free throws 82 pass accuracy is going to give you that silver touch passer badge which this year feels really good I was just in a wreck yesterday and that badge was absolutely zipping that's why we have the 82 pass accuracy 95 ball handle this is for a few thresholds as you can see we get the Hall of Fame handles for days Hall of Fame speed booster with the 95 but that comes with a few other requirements now you need a 91 speed with ball to get the Hall of Fame Speed Booster if you're making a Kai rebuild and you want to be zipping with your dribbles this Hall of Fame Speed Booster is gonna get it done for you you know like I said you need that 95 ball handle and then you need a 91 speed with ball and not only that as you can see we're skipping over the defense but we do need a 93 acceleration so that Hall of Fame Speed Booster requires a lot of attributes that's another reason why you're not going to get defense on this build because if you are making a car rebuild you want Hall of Fame handles for days you probably won't hold Fame Speed Booster you know you want the midi and you need the layout so you know how much of those things depends on what thresholds you want but for now this is kind of what we got for a Kai rebuild you got the 86 speed you know the vertical is pretty much minimum Max stamina for the Hall of Fame handles for days as well and that's pretty much your Kyrie builds it's going to be an offensive Juggernaut next we have our shooting guard build and this is a 6'5 206 pound with a six seven wingspan build as you see we went lower on the wingspan for a higher three-point shot this is going to be a deep Ash Blue Point shooting defensive build there's not going to be any play making on this build so you kind of get what you get but that's what you get for increasing your three point to get that you know what I'm saying that gold Limitless you're also getting the Hall of Fame catch and shoot you're going to be knocking down a lot of shots pretty easily now 80 layup 75 driving dunk is still pretty good finishing there you're still getting a Precision dunker on bronze here 80 let up it's going to give you the packages silver Fearless silver slithery that threshold right there isn't too bad for someone who's specializing in defense and shooting you got the 81 midi cap with a three-pointer 83 again gives you the three points 75 pass accuracy is a pretty good sweet spot here you're gonna get that silver brake starter and also silver special delivery if you care for that but what's really important here is at least at that 74 rating you get that bronze touch passer after this we're going to 94 defense which is going to be Hall of Fame Challenger Hall of Fame ankle braces Hall of Fame Workhorse threshold 91 steel for the gold glove and then you got really good speed here 88 speed 80 Excel no 80 Excel you need that for the gold spot finder here then we have our strength at a 73. you could actually lower this to a 71 if you just wanted that bronze removable enforcer if you're a ball handler maybe you'd want 73 to get the physical handles badge but this isn't a ball handling build Now 60 bird and 99 stamina for the Hall of Fame 94 feet Hall of Fame Workhorse badges now this build here is another shooting guard but a little bit different since we get a little more ball handling this is going to be an ISO lockdown build so we're starting at six seven height 213 pounds 7-1 wingspan as we continue you see not much finishing here we do have the 80 driving dunk for some of those uh better dunk packages and 82 three-pointer is going to give us that gold Claymore down there and then 72 midi is going to give silver midi magician and an 80 like I said once again it's the silver three points I don't believe you need 80 to hit consistently on your free throws but you know if you just want to be sure you can go 80 you could even go 70 75 whatever you want really it's not too important 75 pass accuracy like I said you're getting that silver brake starter silver special delivery but that 74 for that touch passer is going to be what you want 85 ball handle is going to give you some really good saves you get the gold ankle breaker especially at six seven you're gonna be able to move pretty good 75 speed with ball again you need that for the speed booster the blow by those dribbling badges along with the speed with ball dribble Styles and animations and then as we get into the defense this is what sets that build apart right so you have the play making here but you still have 94 perimeter defense for the Hall of Fame Challenger you still have 91 steel for the Gold Glove gold Interceptor all these good stealing badges you still have 77 block for the bronze anchor which you get off rip since you get all your bronze badges as soon as you make your player bronze chase down everything is there are loaded up so this build comes out the box as a pretty good build 85 speed 77 acceleration that's going to be your gold fast speed 85 speed you're going to be moving as a lock 84 strength you get silver bulldozer and 83 strength you get that Hall of Fame physical handle so look this build is going to be pretty crazy look you've got the 80 driving dunk nothing too crazy but everything else is pretty good on this build definitely one of my favorite builds that we made for the small forward position we have a 610 build at 206 pounds minimum wing span 610 so this is going to be more of a Kevin Durant build the defense is going to be a little less but you still got a little bit of everything on this build which makes it actually really good as a 610 I think six tens will still be able to move pretty well this year you got the 80 layup silver Fearless finisher you got the 87 dunk for the contacts 52 standing dunk which went up with the driving dunk that would be cool to get up if you could if you wanted uh 75 post control is going to give you that gold host fade Phenom the silver drop stepper so the finishing on the KD build is definitely kind of crazy so then you move to the shooting you got a 91 mid-range you got the Hall of Fame guard up Hall of Fame one looks all those good badges uh the silver agent 3 the 86 3-pointer you're gonna be out there sparking you have access to a lot of good shooting badges especially in a steer you got a lot of gold s-tier shooting badges then we have pass accuracy at a 75 ball handle 75 Speedway ball 70 that's going to be all all the top thresholds that you can get if you want a 610 ball handling build the 75 pass accuracy is still going to be pretty nice it's a good middle ground if you are a point guard I suggest you raise the pass accuracy up a little bit or if you just like passing the ball but as we move into the defense we have a 72 interior defense as you can see that's giving us a silver anchor on the KD build the 82 perimeter for the silver Challenger and the 87 block of course is the main thing you need for the silver anchor and we also get silver chase down silver Pogo 60 seal is going to give you that bronze Interceptor badge so that's definitely a nice to have badge 60 rebound is also bronze rebound Chaser you're gonna be able to get a couple rebounds here's especially being 610 and then for physicals we maxed it out right 77 speeds 70 Excel 83 strength that's going to give you silver brick wall and of course you get silver movable enforcerer at 82 strike rank 75 vert for the contacts and then you can go 92 stamina for the silver Workhorse badge and we just put one extra here to finish out the build next we have our power forward build 610 height again and this is another three level threat but it's gonna be way different than the Kevin Durant build it's 225 pounds 7 1 wingspan so we're still going to be able to pop this is a nice popping power forward with solid rebounding now look you've got 90 close shot for the gold fast twitch now the layup is a little minimum the 75 dunk though is pretty good on the 610 you're going to be getting some pretty good packages with that as well 90s standing dunk we have the elite big man contacts and then you move to shooting we have a 90 mid range so we're still getting all these good shooting badges we got full blinders gold Dead Eye gold cat like all these good shooting badges 82 three-pointer you're getting gold Claymore again 75 passack the middle ground 82 interior gonna give you that silver post lock that Workhorse steel again you get the bronze Interceptor 92 block for the gold anchor 85 rebound for the gold box out Beast now you get 75 speed on the 610 as well so like that's going to be pretty quick for a power forward 60 Excel 90 strength that's the golden movable enforcer gold brick wall and then 75 vert again for the contacts 98 stand we're maxing that out because why not right you need at least the 95 for the gold Workhorse and we're just gonna Max that out anyway so looking at this build you get a 90 close shot a 90 standing dunk a 90 midi 82 3.82 interior 92 block and 85 rebound so a lot of good high attributes here which are unlocking a lot of good badges now I know I said top five day one builds but the last two or three level threads so consider this one a bonus we're going Center here at 7-1 height 249 pounds with a Max wingspan of 7 foot 11 inches as we continue you can see we have a 77 close shot a little bit lower right than you would probably want but we did that for the 92 standing dunk which gives us the gold pass switch the elite big man contact dunks if you didn't want this much standing down you could lower it and still get probate man contacts at 80 with the correct vertical but we're going 92 for the elites here but like I said you could lower this and maybe increase your close shot at if you wanted to it all depends on how you want to play your big man because the big bands there's a lot of different kind of play Styles me personally you know I always like to have shooting on my bigs this gives you the bronze Deadeye 74 three point we just maxed it out and another thing on this big man I wanted more pass accuracy is going to be gold brake starter since we have the gold rebound Chaser and Hall of Fame box out Beast you might as well have that gold brake star to send those passes every time it's going to be crispy as we move into the defense 82 silver post lock gold Workhorse 60 seal again for the bronze Interceptor 92 block bold anchor yet again at the 71 711 wingspan it's gonna work really well for you the 93 offensive rebound Hall of Fame box out 85 defensive rebound might be a little low if you wanted to switch these around you could but at 7-1 with that Max wingspan the 95 should be pretty decent but you know as a center I could understand if you wanted more yourself now speed we went as low as we could on the weight for the correct thresholds for the 90 strength at least so we're going 60 speed here the 90 strength again gives us gold brick wall golden movable enforcer moving on vertical as much as we can here that's going to help us get rebounds and blocked 95 stamina for the gold Workhorse and then you have your seven foot one Center and that is all we got for our top five or six day one bills from NBA 2K 24. these are only some of the builds from our five hour premium stream if you want full access and be a part of those future streams you can sign up to be a member at I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did feel free to drop a like it's been spill and I'm out later foreign