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NBA 2K24 Template Build Tierlist

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Video Transcript:
what is good everybody and welcome back to another 2K Lab video I'm sure by now you guys have heard of the new NBA player template build and as you make these NBA player template builds you'll receive all of their animations including their jump shot and their dribble moves but we're free at a 60 overall no requirements needed lucky for you guys we put all these builds in a tier list rated on their usability in online plays such as wreck and pork so that we can help you guys pick the best one and all of these NBA player template builds will be on our website at so if you're ready for today's video go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this and comment down below your favorite NBA template bill that all being said let's go ahead and get into it oh foreign [Music] the very first build is lamelo ball now he does have a good frame being six seven with a 6-10 wingspan good finishing and good shooting attributes with having an amazing pass snacker seat and really solid play making he lacks on the defensive end I feel like this template build could do really well if it's surrounded by good Defenders with having solid scoring and very solid playmaking and pass see it does rely on people random to play decent defense so we're gonna put him in the a tier but almost in the S tier up next we have Jalen Brunson coming with a 90 driving layout a 94 mid-range an 85 3-point rating for bronze Limitless range some very solid play making attributes but we see the defensive side of him definitely lacks and his physicals with 82 acceleration and 82 speed while being short at 6-2 I feel is way too slow so being short slow not able to dunk the basketball efficiently with below average defense I think we're gonna put him at the C tier up next we have Kade Cunningham now he has decent finishing 85 driving layup can still dunk the ball he is six seven so he has a good frame with a 90 mid-range rating and an 83 Point rating solid play making a passing accuracy and this build does get some defensive rebound and some perimeter defense while having decent physicals while it's missing out on strength I would put him in an a tier but a lower a tier now on to Luka doncia she is a decent layup rating at 87 can still dunk the basketball has an 86 mid-range rating 83 Point rating a very very good pass and accuracy coming at 96. he gets a decent ball handle especially being six seven but his speed with ball is low along with his defense he is also a slow player so I don't know how that will work in the NBA 2K 24. although he does have post control with a high mid-range and a high pass accuracy so in the right hand he is very usable overall I'm gonna go ahead and put him in the beat here but like I said in the right hands can be very deadly now Dion Fox is one of the faster player templates we have in today's video he has an elite layup rating with 91 a 75 driving dunk a 77 three-point rating and 87 ball handle with a 90s fuel ball he is very fast being six three but begin on defense only the 71 perimeter defense and having a shorter frame at 6-3 I feel like this build will be very usable in a drive and kick situation but since he has a lower three-pointer and a lower defense we're gonna go ahead and put him in the B tier scoot Henderson being 6-2 but has an 89 driving dunk so he does get contact dunk animations a 75 3-point running with a 73 mid-range rating all around decent play making and he has fast with a high speed Ball but definitely a lower passing accuracy that we've seen while having a very low perimeter defense and having a little steal decent physicals all around I'm going to go ahead and put him in the B2 next is Drew holiday with an 80 layup rating at 60 dunk 83 Point rating 85 ball handle he can still pass the ball with an 80 pass and accuracy 75 Speedway ball he is 6'5 but he gets a 95 perimeter defense along with an 83 steal I think this is one of the better NBA template builds that we have he's very well-rounded can finish at the rim with the 80 driving layup the 83 Point rating he has the 95 perimeter defense so we can take care of all situations he needs to take care of I would put him in a high a tier up next we have Kyrie Irving with an insane 91 driving live and a 98 ball handle for Hall of Fame unflakable alongside a 91 mid-range rating now he is 6-2 with little to no defense but he does have decent physicals a really good mid-range trading and a very good layup rating he can protect the ball at a high level but again very little to no defense I would put him in a mid a tier Westbrook coming in at 6-3 with an 83 driving Duncan 82 driving layup a 73 Point rating so definitely the lowest that we've seen yet a lower pass accuracy at 77 and below average defense but he does have some defense and his physicals are looking pretty solid all around I would put him in a mid B tier definitely usable though next we have Trey young coming in at 6-1 with a 91 driving layup and 85 3-point running for bronze on this range the 95 ball handle for all the dribble moves in the game but remember his NBA template build gets all of his Trey young signature six gets below average defense but still holding that 87 acceleration so fitting into that small guard meta category while still having some of the best drum moves in the game I'm gonna go ahead and put them in a low s tier on to Bradley Beal again another 91 driving layup built an 81 dunk a 90 mid range so we can definitely score with that 87 ball handle a lower Speedway ball while still being shorter on 6-4 little to no defense and his physicals are a little slow for a 6-4 build we're gonna go ahead and put him in a low a tier Jalen Brown 87 driving left 86 dunk still get some post control and 89 mid-range and 83 Point rating can handle the ball and distribute the ball when he needs to an 85 perimeter defense a 71 steal it's some defensive rebound all around decent physicals I think this will go into the S tier all around a solid build can handle The Rock when he needs to can play some defense can finish and can shoot especially from the mid-range Anthony Edwards 6-4 with a 90 driving Duncan 83 Point rating so he's a good slasher with a decent solid three-point rating still has that 85 ball handle 80s people ball 75 passing accuracy has all right defense from what we've seen so far today and some slower sigs and some slower physicals him being 6'4 I will put him around a middle a tier Josh giddy our first six eight build with a 91 driving layup again a 75 three-point rating but that pass accuracy at 95 he is an elite passer gets some perimeter defense can grab defensive rebounds has alright physicals for him being six eight I would go ahead and put him at a middle a tier on the Tyler hero he has an 88 driving layup and 87 three-point rating which is very wealthy 85 ball handle some decent but below average defense physicals coming around 80 speed 80 acceleration I would go ahead and put him in the a-tier Zach Levine coming in with an 85 layup a 90 driving dunk 80 mid-range and three-point rating just misses that 85 ball handle threshold he has an 84 definitely little to no defense and solid physicals he is missing out on strength though as a slasher I would put him in a lower a tier but just that 90 dunk alone while still being able to shoot gets him in there that man Austin Reeves coming in with a 93 mid-range 85 3-point ready has below average play making only 70 past 76 ball handles 75 Super Bowl and being 6'5 I would probably throw him in the B tier only being 6'5 but not being able to handle the rock but also not being a great defender definitely lands him in the b or even maybe the C tier on the Marcus Smart another two-way bill would come in with a 95 perimeter defense and 83 steal has an 82 three-point ready that's a decent you know below average play making but he is a two-way build and he can handle The Rock when he needs to definitely below average finishing I would go ahead and put him in a low eighth here but just because he could play defense he definitely deserves his spot up there on the Clay Thompson coming in with a gold Limitless range at a 92 3-point rating a 90 mid-range definitely an elite shooter with that he gets enough playmaking to handle The Rock when he needs to distribute it and he has an 87 perimeter defense so you play some defense out there having a solid frame at six six with a 6-8 wingspan I think he deserves a spot in the high a tier Mattel bridge is another solid frame coming in at 6-6 has all-around average finishing but really good shooting 80 ball handle but the defense 89 perimeter defense 83 still rating while having some pretty solid speed and acceleration for a 6-6 build I would go ahead and also throw him in the a tier Jimmy Butler coming in with the 89 still gold Interceptor with the 87 perimeter defense 79-3 80 driving dunk with an 85 driving lip can handle the Rock and definitely pass that rock with an 80 pass and accuracy another solid frame coming in at six seven definitely deserves a spot in the A2 on the PG-13 Some solid really solid a well-rounded finishing some solid shooting and handled the rock with an 85 ball handle has a 91 perimeter of Defense while being six eight I think this is this build is well-rounded enough to go ahead and go into the S tier you have to remember you're gonna have all George dribble moves which will be a big advantage while being an elite perimeter Defender all at six eight and can squirt all levels I would actually go ahead and put him above Trey young right under Jalen Brown Brandon Ingram another solid frame six eight with a seven a three wingspan an elite mid-range rating and Elite layup rating all handle at 85 some below average defense but he does have solid physicals and he even gets strength some post-control to work to post with I would definitely put him in a high a tier now Michael Porter Jr 610 and his jump shot is looking buttery smooth off the kitchen shoot with an 88 driving layup and 83 driving dunk and absolute Elite mid-range but he is 610 so he's going to take that dip on Spiro ball as all right defense with some interior defense I would say a solid scoring on top of his jump shot he would fit his way into the a-t onto Jalen Brown another six eight with solid solid shooting solid finishing and handled a rock with an 80 ball handle he gets perimeter defense some steel and even some block on this build all around solid physicals he definitely earns his spot in the high a tier now going on to the big man builds on the power forward Alo benchero 610 Power Ford has some solid scoring mid 70s three-point rating as some interior some perimeter and a 79 defensive rebound now he does miss out on that silver rebound Chaser as a 610 only having bronze rebound chaser I'm gonna go ahead and throw him in the B tier on the Aaron Gordon 95 driving dunk and 90 standing done getting some post control and 83 Point rating so you're definitely a scorer here's enough ball handle to protect the ball but I don't know if he could dribble or create some space with the ball handle as high 60s rebounding and block is a legit score I'm gonna go ahead and throw him into the high B tier now Draymond Green having a mid 73 Point rating some below average finishing a really nice 90 pass see 87 interior 87 perimeter 80 defensive rebound but he is six six he can't really handle the ball too well you can do it a little bit as below average finishing I'm gonna go ahead and say stay away from a six six that's guarding other power forwards that could be 610. he's not an elite shooter by any means I'm gonna go ahead and throw him in the C tier there just isn't much of a point to have that high of a passing rating in that short of a power forward now Jaren Jackson Jr 80 driving dunk 81 standing 83 Point ready that's Tino below average pass and accuracy for sure but definitely an elite Defender with that gold anchor 93 block and an 80 interior defense 71 perimeter but I just wish he had some better rebounding definitely a good Defender can score can definitely shoot I just wish he had some more rebounding I'm gonna go ahead and put him in the high B tier but definitely an elite Defender Cameron Johnson a 6 8 70 driving and standing dunk but has an elite mid-range and a pretty solid three-point rating this man can definitely be a solid off ball shooter decent defense with a 75 interior and a 75 perimeter I'm gonna go ahead and throw him in a high B tier now Laurie marking it at seven a foot has a 70 pass in accuracy so he has enough to pass the ball in 82 three-point rating while having an 80 standing dunk and a 75 driving dunk and 98 close shot again he is seven foot he can rebound the ball with an 82 defensive rebound he is a little bit slower but he can really do it all at the seven foot high right so I'm gonna go ahead and throw them in a low a tier now Evan Mobley coming in with the silver anchor 85 interior 87 block 82 rebound has a 73 Point running we're gonna have to see how that plays out 85 standing dunk wall with an 80 driving dunk I would go ahead and put them right next to marking it ask LC Yakima six eight all around power forward you can handle the ball with the 80 ball handle and shoot with a 76 3-point rating I think that is a very good threshold for spot up Shooters can finish at all levels even gets post control some average defense but it definitely is still there I can see this build being very usable having a tough time to put them in the high b or low a tier I think I'm gonna go ahead and throw them in the low a tier Carl Anthony towns with an 86 strength and 86 defensive rebound 75 interior has a pretty low block for being a seven foot power forward but his scoring is 83 Point rating with a 90 standing dunk and an 86 boost control pair that up with a 94 close shot he is a very good inside Defender but still have to respect his shot not the best interior Defender I'm gonna go ahead and throw him in a low a tier the Andre eight and another seven footer with a 90 standing dunk and 95 close shot has some driving Duncan post control only a 73 Point rating I don't know if that will be too respectable with a 60 passing accuracy let's get solid defensive rebound I would go ahead and throw him in a b tier just because of his shot not being too respectable and his defense not being Elite they also can't pass the ball too well so I'm gonna go ahead and throw him in the B tier now Anthony Davis actually liked his NBA player template a lot he can finish at all levels the 70 30 point rating again as a little wishy-washy but he does have a 70 ball handle to get a little frisky and can definitely protect the ball better than a lot of other bigs and his defense 85 interior 87 block with an 86 defensive rebound I'm gonna go ahead and throw him in around a mid a tier I think he can definitely be usable even a higher a tier we just have to see how that is 70 three-point rating works out and if it's respectable enough now we got the glass cleaner Andre drummer with a 92 standing dunk 80 driving no not no real shooting attributes like that a 68 pass accuracy which hits him hard then an 80 interior defense has really good rebounding a lower block and he is slower I would throw him in a high B tier but he is a solid build with his rebounding just him not being able to shoot at any level and him not being able to pass the ball up the court to push the pace it's kind of messing with me now Nikolai jokic 6-11 he is a little slower but his past accuracy is a 92 and 83-point running we know that gotta be respectable 90 pose control so he can start working in the post and 89 mid-range with the 86 defensive rebound definitely a pretty low block especially for the center but I think his other attributes make up for it I'm gonna go ahead and throw him in around amid a tier now sabonis I think his template is very solid 7-1 height when 7-1 wingspan there's a 90 pose control a very wealthy 82 three-point rating and 83 passing accuracy with having that 90 defensive rebound now again he does have a low block for a center build and he is a lot slower but he can score at both levels and he has a solid pass stacker suit so when he does get that defensive rebound he can push the pace I'm gonna go ahead and throw him in a mid a tier last but not least Miles Turner coming in at 6 11 with a 90 interior defense some perimeter a 92 block rating 86 defensive rebound but he is a pretty slow for a 6-11 his shooting is pretty wealthy and can finish inside for sure I think he deserves his spot in the a tier now I did try to put the better players higher in their tier rating like Drew holiday I really think he's almost an S tier I hope this tier list is going to help you guys make your decision whenever you guys pick your NBA player template built with that being said man don't forget to leave a like subscribe to let you know if you guys want more content like this and as always we'll catch y'all in the next video or stream